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This is Balun Stormhand's aka bstormhand's page.

I am active on FanFiction, deviantArt and tumblr

I have written several fanfics including Rapunzel Goes Home which fills in the gaps at the end of Tangled and establishes that Rapunzel has some difficulties adjusting to her new home and life, because she was so isolated and is a little feral. Her road to Happily Ever After is a rough and broken trek.

There is a sequel Roused that is a crossover with Sleeping Beauty since Princess Aurora goes through much the same emotional trauma that Rapunzel did. They help each other heal from those injuries as their Mothers help them heal from their physical injuries as they recover from being attacked by Maleficent's remaining goons as Phillip and Eugene fight the goons as the kings run the logistics of the war.


I also have a couple of stories set in Alternative Universes: The Trial of Mother Gothel assumes that the hair was not cut and Mother Gothel was captured, put on trial and a happy ending was found for all.

A dark version of the story is Feral Rapunzel's First Christmas explored what might have happened if Mother Gothel had a higher badness level and did not take care of Rapunzel at all and merely locked her in the room under the stairs and used her as a magical healing device.

I have written 30 stories for Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Princess and the Frog, Harry Potter, Brave, 2012, Wreck-It Ralph, Cinderella, Star Trek: 2009, How to Train Your Dragon, and Disney.


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