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...Who the hell linked here? Anyway...

I'm a 22-year-old Forensics Major with a fondness toward the arts (particularly music), video games, anime, and manga. Forgot when I first came here - probably around 2010 or so - but I've only really started "using" this site recently, as opposed to just languidly viewing whatever page my whims take me.

You may typically find me in the Lost and Found section of the site asking if there are existing tropes of extremely specific scenarios. Over-dependency of that section is something I'm trying to take care of. >>;;

It seems that I'm shoehorning myself into being the one guy to make trope pages of obscure series and fixing up unattended ones, but I hope to expand from that.

Whenever I create a new work page or start paying attention to an existing one, I tend to work toward a specific benchmark outside of freshening up weak examples. At the moment, the goal I typically set for myself is 100 wicks for a page. Reasonable enough for newbie, right? Hopefully?


This page doubles as my non-specific, non-private To-Do List as well. It ain't a Wall of Text yet, but it probably will be.

Trope Pages I've Launched

Work Pages I've Personally Created and Manage

  • 3-gatsu no Lion - I currently feel that the trope list here is under-representative of the shogi aspect of this series, and that's primarily because of my lack of familiarity of sports/gaming-related tropes. Anyone that does have it and reads this series is free to add 'em in.
  • Gakuen Babysitters - This is a relatively simple series, so I'm quite content with the amount of tropes here, despite being under my set goal in terms of wick count, though I still feel there could be a lot more on there...

Work Pages I've Done Work On

  • Arata Kangatari - Inserted a few examples. Cross-wicked most examples.
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  • Popcorn Avatar - I'm cross-wicking the trope examples here, too. I was surprised to see that a page as worked on as this had no wicks leading to it, save for the index it was on.
  • The Way - I was one of the Crestfallen Few when the community of this game was still active, and I managed this page somewhat when the remnants of that community first paid any real attention to it, so I have a personal interest in at least maintaining this page. I've yet to closely examine what needs to be done to it, though.

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Yeah, like anyone'd do so. I'm far too quiet. Still, I'd rather it be all swept over here if someone wants to leave a message.