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Important Note: I am currently unable to go on the forums. If you absolutely need to contact me, please do so on Discord at Lendurri#5135.

Current username is an artifact. I am no longer that person. Nowadays I prefer to be called "Lendri", my Fursona's name (his full name being Lendri B Mujina (狢レンドリ), which I'm aware of the silliness of).

You'll often find me screwing around with subpages like Haiku and Playing With. I also spontaneously do full-page alphabetizations.


As an important note, I'm a highly liberally-minded troper who does generally prefer the more casual way the wiki was in 2010-2013, but I acknowledge that there were definitely problems with that era. I won't disregard the rules and will make an effort to fix problems where I see them. (Even if I don't entirely agree that something is a problem; that's not up to me.)

I also strongly advocate adding a "this is a minor edit" checkbox.

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    Tropes I've launched 
    Haikus I've plonked out 
I'll often be meta or snarky in these.

I've also been trying to learn Japanese, and figured Haikus would be a good way to practice. I will always include a romanization and translation if I do this.

(Please let me know if I've made a mistake. I do make an effort to double-check, but I'm still a beginner, really.)

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