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B Krueg is a troper who suffers from an association with a noted horror villain. Well, not so much anymore, but it makes for good conversation. And the fact that I narrowly avoided being born on Halloween does not help.

B Krueg is wary of referring to himself in the third person, but will maintain this style as it is the norm in the rest of the wiki.

He is a scifi/fantasy/literature geek who enjoys all of the various geeky things one would assume. But to his shame he has not finished The Lordof The Rings. He shares Gaiman's disdain for Tom Bombadil. He found his way to TV Tropes through excessive linking on Giantitp. He goes by the handle Flabbicus there, but has since stopped visiting the site after a long and overdrawn shitstorm resulting from a Freeform RP called 'The Town' and some trollish behavior on his part contributing to a minor schism. It was a lot of fun.


B Krueg is from a suburban town in central New Jersey and attends university in the same area. He does not have a Joiseyaccent.

He enjoys a certain doorstopper fantasy series, Harry Potter, The Dark Tower, a scifi show that died before its time which he formerly suffered a bit of Hype Aversion from, has just got into Supernatural due to this very site, Trigun, role playgames, and various nerdy mythological things (Norse, Greek, Roman, etc).


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