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Well, to start with, I'd describe myself as Chaotic Good, but it's also entirely possible that I'm Lawful Evil. According to alignment tests, I'm Neutral Good or Lawful Neutral. I'm also a Kindhearted Cat Lover, which seems slightly non sequitur. I'm definitely Straight Gay, but sadly, I don't have any Even the Guys Want Him appeal. Also, I'm a Big Eater. I'm prone to Cheshire Cat Grins. I'm a former Coaster, but that's not going so well anymore. I have two Thai swords, a pair of Indian knives, and several other melee weapons scattered about my room, just in case someone breaks in. Also, I tend to live in my head most of the time. I'm not fond of having people invade my personal space. I come from a... peculiar family. My mother is a fan of wine, my father is no longer alive, my grandmother is verbally abusive and prone to emotional and financial blackmail, but tries to make it look like she hung the moon. And my poor grandfather. I'm not sure if he just plays dumb to avoid upsetting my grandmother, or if he really is only good at selling things, talking to people and giving orders. Not to leave myself out, I tend to have mood swings. I can flip between unparalleled kindness and unparalleled hatred with minimal warning. But I ramble. And make myself sound horrible. Tropes specifically associated with this troper but difficult to work into a sentence include