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I'm a rabid atheist, rule based utilitarian, and philosophical realist/positivist. I hate black and white morality tropes, and I think Immanuel Kant has destroyed modern ethics for the past 300 years. I also think he was a delusional moron. Oh and I'm a budding cognitive science major that is coming to realize he has no future in the modern workforce. Scientists get no respekt.

Favorite media:

- First two books of SOIAF. - OT SW Trilogy (I know rite? Black and white hater that I am, I still love these movies.) - Regena Spektor, I love that woman. Her music makes me laugh and cry at the same time. - Anything by Richard K. Morgan. - Watchmen (movie and graphic novel) - V for Vendetta (movie and graphic novel) - The Swamp Thing - Hellblazer



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