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Audacious Anarchist lives in a place, in a time, in a living establishment and is being ambiguous because he/she/it is afraid the internet will indirectly rape he/she/it.

A.A. plays video games avidly, including Battlefield 2, Civilization IV, Sword of the New World, Mabinogi, Medieval II: Total War, Guild Wars, Zelda series, all the old Sonic games, and Megaman.

This troper loves the concept of the Let's Play Archive.


This troper also creates his/her/its own music by using Mixcraft. This troper is currently looking for a new music sequencing/sampling program and is leaning towards Kontakt 3 or FL Studio.

This troper loves manga and reads from and can draw animesque characters well. This troper is currently trying to co-create a Visual Novel with one of his/her/its friends.

Code Geass is awesome.

Saber Marionette J is cool, and I've added some entries there.

I started the Lucu Lucu page. I hope I can make the series more popular.

I'm in AP English + AP Physics + AP Calculus but I don't know if that is important here.


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