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AstraKiseki is a troper who started out by asking TsundereLightning to write the Trans Dimensional Ship entry for her because she fails at finding tropes.

Now. Fuck the third person at the moment. I'm in San Diego, and it's been a while. The problem is I lost my password and didn't realize it for several months. I should spruce this up.

The name's AstraKiseki, and I'm more of a lurker. I am horribly pop-culture retarded, learning most of what I know about modern media from... TV Tropes. I'm usually very disinterested in TV and movies, focusing on my microbiology studies and playing RPGs and writing. However, I have played some computer games, and a few console games. Fate Stay Night comes to mind, seeing I attempted a cosplay of Shirou as a girl before (and failed). I've also attempted a Touhou cosplay of Yukari, which was fun. I have just a Nintendo DS for now, preferring different RPGs and puzzle games over fighting games.


I'm a fan of Tabletop RPGs, especially Exalted with some er... notoriety for writing smut in that community. And for crack fic, seeing that I wrote lava squid porn on a dare. If you are inclined to read some of my work, here's a not-very-updated link to a list. If you are inclined to read my work, but don't want to log into the forum to get to the hot stuff, visit here. Some of the fiction is stuck on the Freedom Stone due to very explicit content, but you might find something you like there.

If you want to see me trying mu hardest to trope something of my own, take a look here. Sadly, it's still Exalted. I'm a fangirl, what can I say?

Other tabletop games I like are Changeling (both versions, but Lost is best), Mage (both versions are fun), Maid RPG, Ravenloft, and Dungeons And Dragons.


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