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Describe Aspel here. He's some hack writer wannabe. That's about all you need to know. I'll bet he came to this site just to get ideas on how to better be a writer. Normally he just uses his real name, but some people have been mistaking him for a sparkly vampire.

Drats, my evil plan is ruined. I'll get you meddling kids, and your little dog, too!

I like to write, and consider myself a writer, but I never get around to it. And I actually did come here because someone at a writing forum linked me. I then spent no less than two months, day and night, night and day going on an Archive Binge. I still occasionally do that. I will say that if I was to implement some of the ideas that I've gotten just by being inspired by this site, I'd have to actually put pencil to paper, so I'm not likely to.


Still, I do enjoy writing, and have turned that to playing RPGs and plotting out those characters like I'd plot out the other characters.


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