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Akkie (That's what I like being called) is an incredible procrastinator of a Pinay who is fond of cartoons (The eastern and western kinds both), various webcomics, Video Games (LOTS OF 'EM) and pretty boys and girls, among other things. Also, you can never bring me to lose my interest in fantastical things, and never to speak of them again.

Among the many favorite characters she has are Leo Baskerville, Akemi Homura, the blonde alchemist guy and Twilight Sparkle. Really, this is just a tiny list of favorite characters, and Akkie not only has a lack of listing plans, but also plans on expanding the number of beloved fandoms.


OK... I guess I'll start listing them, so as to not forget them whenever I wanna remember them...

The red link ruse was a deliberate tease on any on-goer who happens to be unlucky enough to read this pointless thing.

Lastly, I am very much fond of my sorta Puni Plush-ish drawing style (Though, recently, I've been ignoring it in favor of a different style), if rather Off-Model... I'm more of a hobbyist, really. But... hey. I should learn how to do backgrounds, too. So much Scenery Porn I wanna do...

     Fandoms And Others I've Dabbled In At Least Once 
     Trope Akkie Here! 
     Tell Space 
Feel free to vandalize Akkie's page here. But Akkie's Akkie, so why'd someone do something like that to a faily derp like Akkie?

Note that Akkie will vandalize her own page from time to time. >:3

Now, here's a scorpion being shot over this side. Such a pretty ocean view it's gonna live in. :3

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