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Troper: This Troper thinks that—
Argonian Lorekeeper: No.
My editing in short

I desire to purge all occurrences of This Troper from this wiki, but there's not much more to my editing than that.

Also, I built this wall.

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Don't panic. I'm not brave enough for politics, in case that's what you thought this section was about.

    Some Works I Like 

    Works I Want to Get Into 

Comics (including Manga)



Video Games

    Tropes Concerning My Opinions/Reactions 
  • Accentuate the Negative:
    • While I don't consider myself a terribly cynical person (I had such an attitude before and simply made myself miserable), I find that negative tropes are easier to vent myself with. I still do my best, however, to keep my nitpicks confined to this page and I ironically clean up complaining on the wiki rather often.
    • I tend to have more criticisms for Pokémon than I do with most other franchises, but I believe that this is because I've been consistently involved with it longer than most other franchises. With series that I have only recently been introduced to, I tend to be more lenient.
  • Adaptation Displacement: When I was very young, I only knew of Pokémon through the anime. Not only that, but I believed that the title referred to the protagonist of the anime. To make matters worse, even when I did learn Ash's actual name, I stubbornly continued to call him "Pokémon".
  • Hype Backlash:
    • Defied. I've learned through experience that the amount of acclaim that a work has is not necessarily proportional to how much I myself will enjoy it. There have been numerous cases where letting my expectations for something get too high resulted in inevitable disappointment, regardless of quality. Therefore, my usual strategy today is to approach a new work with an initially neutral attitude in order to better develop my own opinion of it. As was proven with Majora's Mask and Xenoblade Chronicles, this strategy works quite well.
    • Inverted with regards to my second viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy, in that hearing about the positive reactions to the film contributed indirectly to improving my opinion of it. To explain, I first watched the movie when I was in a very bad state of mind for doing so – in addition to being under an extreme amount of stress at the time, I wasn't in the mood for watching movies in general. Therefore, I didn't enjoy GOTG at all and spent the next few years with a rather negative opinion of it. Later on, however, after hearing about all the praise that the movie has gotten, I began to realise that I was being completely unfair with my own opinion of it and wondered if I would enjoy it myself if I watched it again in a better mental state. Sure enough, I managed to appreciate the humour and energy that many others love about GOTG, to the point where it's probably one of my favourites out of the MCU movies I've watched so far. Now I can't help but feel like a bit of a git for having had such a bad initial attitude towards it (even though it's perfectly okay if someone else doesn't like it).
  • Love to Hate:
  • Old Shame:
    • Any and all of the stories I produced as a young child. On the bright side, most of them are great for a laugh.
    • To a lesser extent, I have made a number of blunders since arriving on this wiki. However, none of these, I hope, are anything serious and I will continue making an effort to improve on any flaws I have in my editing practice.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:

    Tropes That Appeal to Me 

    Tropes That Displease Me 

    Records and Ranking Lists 
These lists are susceptible to change, but reflect my opinions as of their latest edit.
  • Super Smash Bros. Statistics (3DS)
    • Main fighter: Shulknote 
    • Highest level AI defeated: 8
  • Favourite Pokémon games, ranked from worst to best:
    • 6. X and Y
    • 5. Black and White 2note 
    • 4. Black and White
    • 3. Sun and Moon
    • 2. HeartGold and SoulSilver
    • 1. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
  • Top Five Favourite Xenoblade Tracks:

    Writing Advice 
Note that these tips are not meant to be absolute, but function as guidelines to help avoid pitfalls in writing. I myself am not a writer by nature, but I still try to pick up knowledge on what works in a story or game and what doesn't.

Writing in General

  • Don't employ some contrived miracle to cheat your heroes out of a sticky situation, but also avoid employing cheap methods to force tragedy or death on them. In short, if a hero finds themselves in a situation that they cannot believably get out of within the context of the story, that is probably the best time to kill them, as opposed to suddenly killing them for the sake of shock value.
    • The same rule should generally apply for villains.
  • Don't make the heroes and/or the villains do implausibly stupid things for the sake of making the plot flow a certain way. Let the characters operate on their respective intelligence levels, and the plot will probably be less contrived no matter who wins.
    • It's worth noting that a character doing something stupid doesn't necessarily count as Idiot Ball or What an Idiot!. If it's in-character for them to do it, then it shouldn't count as bad writing. Be sure, however, to set it up properly beforehand so that the reader will understand it as something the character would do in the given situation.
  • When writing a love interest, write them as an actual character, not just as an object of the protagonist. If you find yourself putting in a love interest for the sake of having a love interest, either make them into a real character or don't have a love interest at all.
  • The Complete Monster trope is one that should be handled with care. If you try to write a villain this way, you should make sure that they are especially entertaining and/or horrifying as a result of their vileness. Otherwise, your villain runs a high risk of being boring and clichéd. In general, such a villain should usually only come as a by-product of trying to make them fascinating, and not as end goal.
  • However much hype you want to generate for your trailer, there are better ways to do it than spoil absolutely everything to the point where some fans will avoid the promotional material like the plague while the rest have every surprise ruined for them.

Writing Prose

  • Focus the detailed desciptions on what is relevant to the scene. There is no need to spend a lavish page on clothing or food if there is no reason to care about it.

Developing Video Games

  • A good RPG should allow the player to flow through the game at an even pace, instead of forcing them to stop every few hours in order to excessively level-grind for the sake of moving the plot forward.
  • When designing a stressful platform segment, please make sure that the camera is at a comfortable angle.



    Tropes Describing Me 
Yes, I'm aware of the irony of keeping a folder about myself considering what my editing consists of, but I'm not going to condemn anyone for talking about themselves on their own page as long as it doesn't seep into the actual wiki articles.
  • The Bore: Drier than brown rice. If you were looking for a page written by a charismatic and exciting troper, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.
  • Catchphrase: “Removing This Troper.”
  • Establishing Character Moment: The very first thing I did upon joining TV Tropes was to remove all the first-person writing from a wiki page. To this day, it is still my most common reason for editing.
  • Grammar Nazi: I’m quick to correct any grammatical errors I see on a wiki. I become rather distressed if I notice any which were made by me myself.
  • Neat Freak: I strongly dislike disorganised pages and try to sort entries into navigable sections if I can.
  • The Quiet One: I usually don’t have a lot of opinions or thoughts that I want to share with people. I am trying to improve on this a little, however.
  • Rage Breaking Point: While “rage” is a strong word, this is what compelled me to finally make an account on this wiki. After about four years of lurking, I came across one too many instances of This Troper and decided that I would do my best to get rid of the menace once and for all.
  • Spock Speak: I tend to communicate this way in my writing or typing, though I am generally less technical when speaking aloud. I believe that it is primarily due to an underlying (and possibly irrational) fear that my vocabulary will stagnate if my writing becomes too informal.
  • The Stoic: In both real life and on this wiki, I’m usually emotionally detached from others due to a number of factors such as nervousness and a lack of extreme feelings on most subject matters. Even when I’m doing something I genuinely enjoy, I smile only occasionally.
  • The Teetotaler: If I started drinking alcohol, I don't know if I'd be able to moderate myself. Therefore, I find it better not to risk it.

    Miscellaneous Thoughts 
  • If we put every work of fiction on a scale of black to white, black being dramatic and white being comedic, the CD-i Zelda games would exist somewhere on the blue-to-orange spectrum.
  • While I find theories about the Happy Mask Salesman being evil to be funny when used in jest, I get annoyed by people who seem to genuinely believe that he's a villain despite the fact that he spends the entire game helping you out and never gets any worse than being quite weird.
  • Over the years, I've developed an aversion to the word "overrated". It's probably because, in most instances where I've seen the word being used on the Internet, the definition basically amounts to, "I hate this show that a lot of people like, so everyone else should stop liking it!"
  • Dear YouTube Recommendations, if I'm watching a video about a franchise I like, I'm rather unlikely to be interested in click-bait videos which involve bashing said franchise, so it would be kindly appreciated if you could stop shoving this rubbish in my face. Thank you.

If I ever come off as rude or grumpy on this wiki, I apologise for that. Don't be afraid to tell me if you think I'm being a jerk.

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