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This troper had a page here once. He thinks it must have been devoured some time back, and wishes to rectify this situation. He is mildly annoyed at having to rebuild it, but will tough it out and do what he must to rebuild this page.

He enjoys Mobile Suit Gundam, Live A Live, Quest for Glory, and many other things. He plays City Of Heroes on the Justice server, and can be found there most evenings. He has done more edits than he can remember offhand, adding snippets here and there, occasionally entire paragraphs.


For those wondering where they may have heard the name Argetlahm before, if you've played any Wild Arms past the second game, you've more than likely heard it before. Also, if you're an Irish mythology buff, you'd recognize the nickname Old Silver Arm.

  • He once killed a man in Reno just to watch him die. He also killed a man in Baltimore, but he had a very good reason for that one. The guy in Baltimore tried to take his ice cream. Argetlahm does not abide by delicious cold treat thieves.
  • He may or may not be a cybernetic superspy, it really depends on who you ask.
  • He also will plausibly deny having anything at all to do with the disappearance of the refrigerator from the kitchen and its subsequent reappearance on the second floor.
  • Additionally, all of those broken windows were totally not his fault
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  • Neither are the motorcycle tracks in the living room. Or the hole in the wall.
  • Might be obsessed with the venerable MS-06 Zaku II
  • Don't graze me, bro!
  • Does what he wants because pirates are free.
  • He is a pirate.
  • Honestly, he can't remember why this is still going.
  • He promises not to drop any more space stations on the TV Tropes HQ if they promise not to devour his contributor page again.


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