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Handle: Archive Digger

Age: 12 years old

Gender: F

Lives in: the Philippines

Likes: lot of stuff

Is a fan of:


Anime in general, anyway

Western Animation

Hobbies: surfing the internet, watching television, and reading, lots and lots of reaaaaaaaading

About me:

I am a 12 year old girl who desperately wants superpowers . Since I was a kid, my mother yells at me for ranting about those bad soap operas she watches. I always wanted to be a writer or something, and one fateful day, while I was searching for random stuff, I found this website when a dude linked here in a fora. I got sucked in. I barely ate(I just brought food up with me and ate while reading articles),bathe(I only took a bath when I know my parents were coming home soon),or did anything else actually. For days, then weeks, then months, I kept reading. It felt great to know other people share your passion. It felt different, the feeling you fit in perfectly. After a while, TVTropes introduced me to other websites,shows,and stuff.. I started to learn about internet pop culture and stuff.