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" don't have to be a prick everyday ..."
Sgt. Elias , Platoon

"But I do."

He is a prick (yes I know what that means).

     Tropes Associated with Archer 250 
  • All Asians Are Alike: Inverted. He can NEVER tell a Caucasian apart.
  • A.K.A.-47: Tries his best to avert this when talking with his friends.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Using a makeshift brass knuckle in a fistfight against a bully before an actual fight started.
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Internet Tough Guy
  • Self-Deprecation: Read the first sentences again.
  • Your Mom
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Anything that you can never do in real life even if you're the character of that game is bullshit. Quickscope? There's nothing pro with that, do that and it'll hurt your eys. You don't play tactically like I do, you're cannon fodder, you're hindering the team down. If you know you're dying in streaks do the team a favor and GET THE FUCK OUT.

Will add more.


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