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I've read TV Tropes for awhile and sometime last year (2009) I signed up for the site just for the fun and have enjoyed my time being esoteric in my knowlege of comics, TV, Movies and the like.

I've been alive since 1992 and I am fond of 90's cartoons (though some shows vary) and I often lament how TV networks negatively changed cartoons in many cases. In my social circle I'm sort of the Butt-Monkey and Cloudcuckoo Lander, which can be depressing some days as that;s just part of my Aspergers Syndrome. I see myself as a Scrooge McDuck like character upon reaching my twilight years (hopefully) for the aspects of wealth and adventure. I like Animes of the supernatural and with sci-fi elements but also the the slice of life BECK series. I aspire to be a cartoonist/writer after high school. Some of my favorite Tropes are Wild Mass Guessing and Alternate Character Interpretation.


Also the writer of "Gideon: Rise to Power" on under the name 41naF_redipS


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