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I am the Arch Angel, leader of all of Heaven's angels, even the lowliest of which could annihilate the entire planet with little effort. I speak directly to God Almighty, have destroyed a million demons with one swing of my sword, and crushed the head of Satan himself beneath my heel. No man, demon, angel, or deity may touch me, save God Himself and His Son.

You can call me Mike.

Now the role-playing's out of the way, welcome to my Trope Page. ^_^ I don't expect anyone to read this at length, but here's some stuff about myself:


I enjoy role-playing. Pretty much anything, although I much prefer it to be a character of my own creation, because playing as someone I'm not nearly as familiar with is fucking hard.

I make a lot of characters (with some help from a good friend of mine). I mean a LOT of characters. It's to the point where I can put characters I've already made into R Ps with minimal changes. The sad part is, I'm not confident enough in my writing prowess to actually commit any of them to a story. Hopefully I'll change that at some point. Maybe I'll give these characters their own pages some day...

I enjoy video games. Particularly sandboxes. Saint's Row 2 springs to mind at the moment, as well as Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and numerous others. A focus on story and characters is rarely a bad thing, either, but as with Saint's Row, sometimes you just want to ascend to the highest possible elevation and hurl yourself onto an old lady.


I have a deviantART page. It's not very populous right now, but still.

That's it for now. Maybe more later. Thanks for reading!


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