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My Introduction

  • (A work in progress) I have a complex schedule this semester, so I do not have alot of time to be online.
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  • Yes, I love comments! Apple3
  • Sorry, I had to scrap the troper list for renovation of space! Apple3 agian!
  • Lord Gacek:
  • Electivirus: I concur.
  • Whoa why am I listed on your list thing lol-Dark Lady Celebrian
  • Huh, I'm on it too. That's nice. - LemurianFAVORITE TROPER!
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  • Hey, why did you remove all this long list of tropes? - Gacek
  • You've come a long way since your initial impression here. ~Cliche
  • Is this Character Development I see? - signed, Kinkajou
    • Who knew a spambot could figure out how to fake a personality? Alkthash
  • The Consonance has willed us to decalre war! Ronin


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