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This troper provides examples of:

I read a zillion webcomics.

Pages on which I've done significant editing (in chronological order):

I sometimes make avatars. Things I've learned about that:

  • If you scale an image down, if usually looks better if you sharpen it afterwards.
  • If you want to erase an unwanted detail (like a speech balloon) but there's a background behind it, copy a region of similar texture over it. If you do this before scaling down, the scars often won't be conspicuous.
  • Save as PNG to avoid JPEG artifacts.
  • If the avatar is over TVTropes' 20K limit, try blurring out unwanted details such as backgrounds so it compresses better. If it's a monochrome image, be sure to save it as grayscale, not RGB.

...yeah, I have a dumb username.


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