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"No matter how strange or odd I may seem on the outside, deep down inside... there is something very dark and VERY evil. And it's watching you."

Fortunately, watch is all they ever do. Mostly.

Anyway, this is my Troper page. But you already know that, so I'll tell you some stuff that you might not know.

I found this site two years ago, and quite frankly haven't left since. Except to plot world domination.


As for where the name comes from... I made it up. It sounded cool, and it's unique. Which means it's MINE!!! ahem.

I have always enjoyed anime and manga, and videogames. Or at least the ones that have me kill stuff. Good movies are always fun, though I've never been into live action TV shows. And of course, fandom. Or at least the semi-mature kind. Though I have to admit, seeing shippers go at each other's throats while the creators throw fuel on the fire is pretty funny.

I also have a fanfiction account. Check it out if you so wish. Link

Tropes that I exhibit:
Will put more up soon. Have to go before the men in the white coats relize I'm gone.


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