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Anoniguy, another random Troper with some amateur writing/comicking/animation experience, but no pro work. I possess the superpower of Bad Spelling.

I found my way to TV Tropes through discussion of AvatartheLastAirbender, and have been completely hooked ever since. I spend most of my time lurking, but now and then do a little contribution and editing, mostly on the Berserk page. I am really bad at this wiki thing so far, but I am learning.


I think the coolest thing about this place is that, in the course of my reading, I have run into so man incredibly rewarding works that I might never have heard of otherwise. And my understanding of the structures of stories, character interaction and so forth has grown enormously. It gives one a lot more tools for critical reading.

And it's funny, man.

So anyway,

Favorite movies, games, manga, and novels include: Berserk Avatar Aliens The Wheel Of Time The Coldfire Trilogy Jurassic Park Eat-man Parasyte Halo Valkyrie Profile

And the one article I definitely intend to make... Karuizawa Syndrome: A manga by Yoshihisa Tagami from 1980 about a young photographer who sleeps around.


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