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Hey, Animaster here. I'm a 22 year old artist who has an extremely high functioning Autism. As such, I'm quite smart, but somewhat crazy. Although my mainstay is creativity and I am extremely so when I can get motivated, though I tend to be a procrastinator.

I love animals and have much related trivia. Naturally, this is where I get my handle from. I can also be found on Brawl in the Family's forums. It is there where I have an art thread. It's updated infrequently whenever I'm in the mood.


Tropes Present in my Life.

Adult Child: I tend to come across as one at times considering how little attention I pay to the world around me. I tend to get mad at myself when I say or do something childish.

Author Avatar: Originally, I used Joe as a representation of myself(even naming him after myself). Later on, I started using a character named Fauna. This character is a girl of about fifteen years of age(7 years younger than myself) and her abilities center around her immense imagination. She also has a tendency to daydream.

Angrish: I've been known to do this on occasion since I don't like to actually curse.

Big, Friendly Dog: My Black Lab is extremely friendly and snorts and sneezes at everyone she meets. She's always carrying something soft in her mouth, though it's usually a pillow, with which she lays her head on when she lays down.


Brilliant, but Lazy: In spite of getting a 3.0 GPA, I'm rather lazy and hard to get motivated. I do love problem solving and drawing, but haven't done either in a while.

Cloud Cuckoo Lander: I can come up with some really weird ideas when I start to daydream. I tend to daydream a lot. My sister can also be one at times, but is usually level-headed.

Cross Player: I tend to use female characters more often than male ones.

Crowning Moment Of Funny: I've said and done quite a few hilarious things in the past, so I'll post whatever I can remember.

  • Not myself(at least to what I can remember), but when my sister got her wisdom teeth removed, she got too much anesthetic. Naturally, this left her rather spaced out for a while. She looked like she was high on something. But the funniest part came when my mom spoon fed her ice cream.
  • A more recent one came from my 21st birthday in which I tried beer for the first time. No, I didn't drink it, I took one sip and spit it out into my hand. My expression was hilarious.

Dark Fic: I'm working on making a story of where the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms are taken over. Also crosses over with Author Avatar since the male MC is based on my appearance.

  • Dead Fic: I haven't worked on it in ages, though and I doubt I'll ever finish it.

Lazy Artist: I fully admit to the fact that I seldom draw. I'm not half bad at it, I just don't really draw that often.

Mega Neko: Most of my cats are big and fat, but the biggest is Lenny. He weighs in at 32 lbs. and in spite of his size and weight, he's able to catch birds, rodents, and even rabbits.

Mood Whiplash: The reason I stopped watching Azumanga Daioh.

Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Considering what goes on in the back of my mind and the idea behind my Dark Fic, I can be like this on occasion.

Not a Morning Person: I take forever to wake up in the morning. I'm usually not up to speed until about noon if I'm at home.

No Indoor Voice: My voice can get loud without me realizing it. Then again, I'm deaf out of one ear, so, I'm probably trying to compensate for that.

The Slacker: I'm definitely one of these when I don't feel up to the task.

Smart Guy: In spite of rarely getting my homework done on time, I managed to get a 3.0 gpa. Ironically, I'm rather slow-witted and tend to take my time with thinking.

The Eeyore: My brother refers to me as my own worst enemy/bully. I'm insanely hard on myself and tend to be very pessimistic when things go my way or I do something wrong(even if it's minor).

Shows I like.

I usually find that I can't stand most modern cartoons, reality shows, and sitcoms, but here are a few of my favorite shows.

Azumanga Daioh- Never finished it(and don't plan to), but I do like it though.

Mythbusters- Best show on Discovery if you ask me.

Good Eats- Both fun and educational.

Dirty Jobs- Mike's sense of humor is really good. Plus, the occasional prods at both himself and the crew are entertaining.

Man V Food- One of my favorite shows on Travel Channel.

Bizarre Foods- Another Travel Channel favorite.

Games and game series I like.

  • Legend of Zelda- I love the open-endedness of it compared to Nintendo's other series.

  • Mario Series- Not as much as I used to, I still like to play some of them from time to time.

  • Pokemon- Like with Mario, not nearly as much as back then, but it makes for a good time killer.

  • Pikmin- I really wish I didn't lose the first game. I also wish I had the second one.

  • Metroid- Metroid Prime was the game that got me started on the series. That is still my favorite to this day.

  • Kirby's Epic Yarn- My favorite game in the Kirby series so far. I've even been able to teach mom how to play.

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