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Describe Anfingrimm (that's me!) here.

I stumbled upon TV Tropes late last year, and I've since become addicted to archive binging, so... screw you guys, basically. Still, I was never one for wasting time, so I may as well get to work troping.

I am creepy, and there's no changing that. My interests include anime, manga, video games of the RPG, RTS and shooter varieties, and Japan. I'm in my first year of university and I'm looking to become an English teacher and move to Japan. I am very creepy. My contributions for the wiki have been minimal so far, but I intend to get things rolling by troping Monster Girl Quest and updating the Black Lagoon character sheet. I am creepy as hell.


My defining trope would have to be Loners Are Freaks. I developed Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder following a violent incident in my childhood and I tend to avoid other people in public situations. Then, of course, there's my waifu fixation. I try not to let any of that hold me back though; drills, pierce the heavens and so on.


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