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Yo. It took me about 2 years to actually write something on this page, forever cementing both my commitment issues and creative bankruptcy. I'm an all-round nerd, dabbling in literature - and like everyone and their dog on this wiki I do some writing occasionally - video games, anime, pen and paper RPGs and sometimes I even watch TV. However, because I'm easily Distracted by the Shiny, I'm usually way behind the curve for everything but video games. And it's hard to keep up there as well.


I'm also a computer science geek and have been on the Internet for about 20 years now in one form or the other. If you see me resign myself from some asinine Flame War it's because I've seen this specific topic or something like it discussed literally a hundred times. And while I'm fairly immune to trolling I'm also a Tsundere and it's easy to piss me off in often inane and insignificant ways. I never bear a grudge however for longer then a few hours and neither should you.

Also note that I'm not a native English speaker as should be obvious by my creative use of grammar. Combine that with my deep aversion toward emoticons and some things I write might come across harsher and more dickish as originally intended. So please keep that in mind. If I don't call you names you can be fairly sure I'm not attacking you personally.


So, what's left... I could write down all the pages I've started but really, neither of us cares about the size of my e-penis. So let's just skip right to the vandalism!



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