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Hello everyone~ :)

Real Name : Aud (please don't address me by my full name Audrey, because so many spell it wrong! It's truly starting to get on my nerves :P . Age: 15 years old Birthday: July 26 Siblings: One sister, who's 12. Parents: Father (not in the state- got a job somewhere in New England) Mother (stay at home mother)

I'm a 15 year old troper with crazy antics, OCD, ADD, and a very strange family, consisting of a younger sister, a mother, and a father who lives out of state. My parents went through a bitter divorce about a year or two ago. I don't enjoy mentioning that.

Personality- etc.

I'm going to be attending high school next year. Depending on my attitude, I can be a very immature young woman or a girl who's mental state is equivilant to that of a 25 year old. I struggle (somewhat) in school, because of ADD, OCD and possibly other things, but am, in actuality, a smart person. Writing and reading are two things I absolutely love~ and I read anime and manga. I accidently misspell things because of my fast typing. I'd like to say I have a split personality, erm.... sort of. I'm from Texas, though I don't act like it. On occasion, I say "ain't" and ya'll, but I don't particurally (SP) like dressing up in Cowboy clothing / outfits / getup, much country music (maybe a couple of female artists, Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift?), or hot, baran, dry summers that cause my fair skin to turn as red as a lobster's.

Tropes Describing Me - in random order!:

Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! - I have ADD. In all obviousness. Explains the fact that I cannot concentrate for 5 secon.... Oh look~ a giant paperclip— where'd you get i—— oh wait, i'm off topic- again. :/

Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette - I am 100% white. Some have described me as being 'vampire white'. My hair is a dark brown, sort of chestnuty (sp) color. My skin — it's so white that it shows up almost bleached out. My makeup is always too dark for my acne prone skin—- explains why the reaction of everyone around me is "You look so tan..." If I'm pissed off or have bags under my eyes, I could pass for a physco child in a horror movie.

Squirrels in My Pants - Pet budgies / parakeets and rats in my pants... O_o

Stereotype Flip - Explained in statement titled 'personality', the Texas part.

Spell My Name with an S- My name. Audrey. Don't even try to spell it if you forget easily, because, if you're like my classmates, you shall never include the 'e'! And don't dare call me Aubrey.

Mind Screw - :3 Half of the things I say at school - to confuse my excrutiatingly stupid classmates.

Squee! - lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of times I do this (yes, I had a need to repeat lots that many times.)

IfYouKnowWhatIMean - I do this too many times in one day. I cannot describe it.

Multicolored Hair - My hair is a natural multicolor rainbow. I have strands of brown, blonde, red, even black in it. Blame my heritage. That's what you get when the genetics of your Russian, German, Sweedish, Irish, and English ancestors are passed straight down to you. Actually, my hair is always being complimented on for being exactly that.

Beneath the Mask - all the time. You see how I act out of the house and then when I'm in the house? You get a headache from the Mind Screw...

Hates Being Touched - Sexually harassed in 6th - 7th Grade by both teachers and students. I am a touchy feely person. I let my friends hug me if they don't glomp, though.

CatFight - More like Bitch Fight. Entirety (sp) of my half semester of 7th Grade Gym Class.

Youtube - on it all the time

Accidental Pervert - Three words. Bathroom. Stall. Walkins. -_-

Perky Goth - Formerly.

Big Breasts, Big Deal - A large 36C at 14 - it's not great to be me. While the others around you are experiencing A-Cup Angst.....

  • Screw that, I just got measured at Victoria's Secret the other day. I'm a 34DD - WHY?!!
    • Not to mention, I'm a Type 1. I hate stares, I hate my breasts. They embarrass me so much. I used to be such a tomboy, and people wonder sometimes to me 'Why do you have such big boobs, yet you're somewhat boyish?'

Baby Got Back - my rotund buttocks.... they attract googly eyed stares from 13 year olds as well as 50 something year olds...... EVERY DAY :(

"Blind Idiot" Translation - I have lots of fun with some not very nice words in Google Translate~ none are probably the right translation. Also, I am an avid fan of music from Japan and Korea, where the use of Engrish is common.

Big "NO!" - Oh, if you could see how much I say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" per day~

Tropes and pages I like:

Bishonen : Because you can never dislike a slender, cute, pretty boy. My favorite bishies are the hot men in Durarara I also am a Ouran High School Host Club Fangirl.

Hot Teacher : Because TILFS are my favorite type of school staff ;) Nozomu from SZS is probably my favorite example, but I also have a small crush on a pervy one too 0///0

The Matrix : One of my alltime favorite series of movies.

Durarara : Awesome storyline, hotties, and a headless girl! What's not to like?

Ouran High School Host Club

Corner of Woe

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The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds

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