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Japanese culture fan from Atlanta, GA, also known around the Interblag as HeeroPV, Preventer Void, and "that jackass who won't shut up about Gundam Wing and Code Geass". If a page has a recently-added entry about those shows, odds are I'm the one who posted it. I had a couple of appearances on MAHQ's Gundamn! podcast, mostly discussing Geass as it aired, which apparently did well enough. I'm also the author of Codename Lightning, a Gundam Wing Continuation that's currently in the shop for a major overhaul (and one that dares to be 100% heterosexual, shock and horror).

Beyond those two series, fandoms include Super Robot Wars (and most of the series contained therein), Tokusatsu (especially Kamen Rider), Mel Brooks movies, Blackadder, Hells Kitchen, Good Eats, That Guy With The Glasses, and others I can't think of at the moment.

Pages Launched: Impossibly Graceful Giant.