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First off, don't mistake me for the trope

By my count, I've been troping for some 7-8 years. Took the name of the Gunslinging, King-of-Vampires, WWII vet from a nickname in highschool thanks to an ability to impersonate said vampire's Voice Actor Crispin Freeman (and not much else).

To know about me: I'm a Canadian, long-haired, straight-edge, vegan, philosopher, minority, singer and poet with a distrust for authority (do I qualify as a cliche yet?)


If I ever come off as terribly smug to you, don't take it personally because I certainly don't mean it personally.note 

Check out my band!


Anime and Manga (prefer slice-of-life, fantasy and the occasional love-comedy)

Music (mostly hard pop-rock, 80's metal and Alternative Metal)

My top 25:

  1. Iron Maiden
  2. Disturbed (I could probably fan over them here, but I think the article speaks for itself; I made it and wrote 90% of its content)
  3. Faith No More
  4. Guns N' Roses (including the nu-guns stuff; I actually liked Chinese Democracy, thankyouverymuch)
  5. Anthrax
  6. Black Sabbath
  7. Judas Priest
  8. Queen
  9. Slayer
  10. Megadeth
  11. AC/DC (does anyone ever need justification to like Acca Dacca? They are what they are, you may or may not like them)
  12. Testament
  13. Mötley Crüe (for the same reason for AC/DC being listed: They're rockin')
  14. Pantera
  15. Alter Bridge
  16. Alice in Chains
  17. Led Zeppelin
  18. Machine Head
  19. Lamb of God
  20. Dokken
  21. Black Label Society
  22. Def Leppard
  23. Dio
  24. Deep Purple
  25. Rush

The rest:


Video Games (partial to action/adventure and fighting, but I tend to get easily addicted to RPGs)

As you may be able to tell, I own more than a few the PlayStation products and generally prefer Sony's games. I own a Wii as well, but don't own or plan to buy many titles from it note . I'm on Steam too, and more-or-less retired as a TF 2 player. I can't really get used to mouse and keyboard controls.

I'm also quite good at Solitaire.

New Media

Western Cartoons (from when I was a kid, anyway)

Other (I don't read, watch TV or see movies very much. What you see here I find significantly good)

Suggested and/or launched:

Stuff I did:

  • I'm responsible for the massive genre-folderization overhaul in the Musicians section (which took nearly a week straight of research). Jazz, Blues and Reggae got added later by others. Credit also goes to Xaris for initiating it and making several further contributions afterwards, and Dracula On A Bike a contribution. No one else helped.
    • To this day I still monitor the thing like a hawk. I don't think there's a page on it I haven't at least visited yet.
  • I created The Ocean Group section on Vancouver (along with the notable films section), but Omega Metroid split it off into its own page.
  • I categorized the Canadian Music index by Province.
  • I started a few trends with Musicians articles:
    • I came up with using hot tips to take note of related groups. The system we had before would have a single artist under a bullet, then a secondary artist beneath them in another bullet. Obviously that does nothing for types like Mike Patton and Dave Grohl, who have multiple side projects (unless you want to list Tenacious D or Queens of the Stone Age under Nirvana). As far as I'm concerned, we should abandon that bullets system entirely, except for rare cases of band members without any kind of solo career getting pages to themselves (X Japan for instance).
    • I'm the one who started making floatboxes on the side to list a band's influences (That Other Wiki doesn't do that, so we one-upped them in that field). I first did it on Disturbed's article, them moved onto Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slipknot. Take a look around; you'll probably see other articles doing the same (Tool, Linkin Park, Mudvayne).
      • You might notice that I did this with PSASBR's character-page too. I can't really understand why more people don't (mis)use floatboxes this way.
    • I used the same logic in making floatboxes on the side of articles to list related acts, since the hot tips system explains nothing. This one isn't as popular, but I did do it for about a dozen pages, with others occasionally popping up using the same idea.
    • I didn't start this, but I kind-of popularized folderizing Musicians pages. Again something I did first with Disturbed, I did it later with Metallica and Slipknot. The most common categories are Music, Videos, the band members personal lives and sometimes lyrical concepts split from music. I first saw this being done on the Coldplay article (but someone seems to have reverted it, sadly).
  • When the mood strikes me, I like to casually name-space certain articles around the wiki as I come across them.

(You probably don't want to read these. Go ahead and move along)

  • People who rant on the internet.
  • I find trouble with people who didn't "get" the meaning behind stuff (Like this song). See all those long Death Note discussions? Those.
  • Any troper who refers to themself as Book Dumb, a Bunny-Ears Lawyer, a Genius Ditz, a Cloudcuckoolander an Insufferable Genius, using Obfuscating Stupidity, being Brilliant, but Lazy, to be Feigning Intelligence, a freakish loner, or any other trope pertaining to intelligence (covering for their failings) or oddness (the self-important need to stand out from the crowd). Notice how there are no Troper Tales for The Urkel, none for Basement-Dweller (ironic, really) and very few for Ted Baxter? (the ones that are there are directed at others).
  • Needless experimentation in music: In my experience, most bands attempt experimentation for the sake of experimentation (read: stroking their egos), not for the sake of the music itself (hoping to breath non-existent air into their otherwise limited sound). If your scope of musical ability is so narrow that you need to sacrifice the quality of the product to stay interesting, you deserve to be forgotten.
    • By extension, fans who assume that heavy experimentation (or just quirky, anti-formulatic weirdness) equals quality. This is a Hype Backlash for me.
    • On the other hand, bands who have a musical itch they can't satisfy with their current style get a pass. Experimentation more along the lines of a natural evolution than a jarring face turn, expanding the bubble rather than breaking it.
  • Musical elitism: All music is pop music. Whether it has the worst production quality, the most unpleasant artwork or the most Moral Guardian-offending lyrics (or anything else suggesting indy-cred), there's a market to pimp it somewhere. By this logic, fame and success are at direct odds with musical value (still managing to declare their undying love for The Beatles and Led Zeppelin in the same breath). This kind of snobbery is self-destructive, conservative by nature, harms the industry and retards the growth in music... the very things they accuse pop music of doing.
  • Metal-heads who attack the other genres. This is counter-productive to metal's basic ideas.
    • Metal-heads who attack eachother. This is counter-productive to metal itself.
  • People who use higher vocabulary words gratuitously; using "concur" when "agree" would have suited. These defeat the basic purpose of language: being concise.
  • Bad grammar
  • This grating lyric:
    "I'm just a bastard / but at least I admit it"
    -Slipknot, My Plague
    • As Lampshade Hanging says "If you point out your own flaws, you deprive your critics of their ammunition". The whole concept is inherently a fallacy. And it works.
  • People who use "Me", "Myself" or "I" when speaking (This Troper is a good way to lessen this). Using these more than necessary speaks worlds about the person.
  • The subversive, hipster culture we currently live in.
  • On this very wiki: bad writers. If you can't be bothered to make an example look witty and interesting, you should leave. This is fun for the reader, not you; the finished product is all that matters. For some specifics:
    • Those people who say "And don't forget...". No one forgot a thing, you're just making Natter. Which ties into...
    • Those people who list every single instance of the trope within the show. It happened once, it's on the page now, say nothing more.
    • Those people who swear too much, adding nothing. A good cuss can help, but be classy when using them.
    • Emoticons. This isn't prevalent here, but it happens. You need to worry about affecting the reader's emotions, they don't need to know your's.
    • Those people who add an entire summary of the show. A casual reader doesn't need to know any of this.
    • In general, anyone who makes the reader work. If you're linking to YouTube, send them to the correct time in the video; if you're linking to That Other Wiki, send them to the correct spot on the page; if you're linking to a forum thread, send them to the post in question. Don't tell them, "Go here".
    • Fan Myopia: It does nothing for the example and a casual reader probably isn't in the know. You should be adjusting for their convenience.
    • Gushing About Shows You Like: We're supposed to make this look clever and elegant. Showing your fanboy-tendencies looks neither clever nor elegant.
    • Author Tract: Throwing in the issues close to your soul make an example look whiny and scares readers away. Bias is inescapable, but a good troper hides it away.
  • In general I'm pretty much a bitter, rage-filled misanthrope. The fact that most reading this probably aren't partially validates my distrust for people.

Everybody does thisnote , so you may as well too. Have at'ernote 


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