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This Troper is a character of which a RL person will speak through. The Troper IRL doesn't like to give out his name as he believes that (for the most part) "Internet life" and "Real Life" are two different things, and while some things on the internet are made for Real Life stuff, places like TVTropes and games are for Internet life only. Only in rare cases (through accident or other cases) will he give out his real name. He even uses his character to interact on Facebook, rather than give out his real info. While he is talking through a character, he is mostly just acting like he would IRL. The only difference being you don't know his real name. Though he will act like his character would act, just for the fun of it. (Everyone good and confused now? Excellent, moving on.)


That said, Alterdeus has a long backstory that can be found here and he hopes to one day get his story made into a comic (or at the very least an actual story and not a summary story) and he reads TV Tropes to pass the time and figure out what to put and what not to put in his story.

This Troper provides examples of:

  • Author Avatar As the rambling at the beginning stated
  • Big Eater Alter likes to eat food constantly
  • Bi the Way Alter likes men and woman, he mostly wants someone just to be with him regardless of the gender.
  • Blob Monster Alter and Sombra teeter close to this sometimes
  • Cool Mask Alters mask which is modeled after his brothers
  • Dark Is Not Evil While he wears mostly black and purple clothes, and has demon/devil horns and tail, he is a genuinely nice guy who is only "evil" in the sense he doesn't take things seriously and likes to annoy people sometimes.
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  • Dropped a Bridget on Him
  • Fetish Fuel Alter being/getting fat started off as such, and mostly still is, but it's used in a non-fetish way in the story here and there
  • Human Aliens Alter and his brother come from another planet but still look mostly human
  • Purple Is the New Black As stated, he wears A LOT of purple, as well as having purple skin and hair, though they're all various shades of purple.
  • Shapeshifter Baggage Sombra (Alter's spirit partner) can change sizes, but his size is connected to Alter's shadow, so if Alter has a bigger shadow, Sombra has to condense more mass inside him to stay his default size or else he'll grow bigger
  • Wholesome Crossdresser Alter likes to dress up like a woman now and then, though on his planet they don't have set gender clothes so he thinks they're just nice clothes to wear.
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  • Creepy Crossdresser Though then again he does like to crossdress to trick guys into making out with him.

Will add others as I come across them


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