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Alilatias is a troper that is not exactly sure of a few things here and there. For one, she had gone through excessive over-editing of the Maple Story description during her first week here, most of it involving going back and deleting/adding information and mistakes of her own.

Alilatias frequents a few websites such as Game FA Qs, The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, Bethsoft Forums, and You Tube, among a few other websites.


This troper is an avid fan of the following game series:

This troper is an avid fan of the following standalone games:

This troper is a major contributor to the following pages (and will often monitor edits to these pages as if it is Serious Business.)

This troper likes to brag about the following things:

  • She is one of the very, very few people who have been able to reach Bonus Boss Grand Dragon in the GBC remake of Dragon Quest III. The borderline Guide Dang It! Collection Sidequest had taken her 6 to 8 hours of straight medal hunting once she reached the point in the second Bonus Dungeon in which she needed those medals to advance. 6 to 8 hours is considered incredibly lucky compared to the 20+ hours that some of the other privileged few people have reported.
    • Now it's time to see if she can actually get the materials to post up a You Tube video of the fight against the Grand Dragon, as none currently exist despite that the remake has existed for nearly a decade now.


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