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I am sad to announce that I no longer go on TV Tropes. It's funny, but it's getting too filthy for my tastes. Even Evil Has Standards, you know.

Tropes that apply to this troper:

  • The Hero - Naturally.
  • Red-Headed Hero - Unfortunately for her, All The Other Heroes Want Redheads.
  • Establishing Character Moment - When she, still a child in her crib, told her mom "I WANT OUT!!"
  • Comic Trio - If she can't outshout their navigator, her best friend will drive them off a cliff.
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  • Non-Human Sidekick - Her younger brother.
  • Old Shame - Her old AMVs and fan fiction.
  • Heroic Sacrifice - One time when she was little, her (even younger) brother and niece were fighting, and she jumped between them as her niece kicked her brother. That counts, right?
  • Catchphrase - "Doom and Death and Stuff".
  • That Came Out Wrong - Every other thing she says, almost.
  • Totally Radical - At a loss for words, she used "like wow" as an adjective.
  • Wall Banger - The above statement.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome - Her sister brought some snow in and threw a snowball at her while coming down the stairs. This troper, in the nick of time, grabbed a flowery hat that was on the staircase post and caught the snowball in it.


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