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Alexis Royce is a webcomic writer and artist, and the creator of the villain-centric Evil Plan, literature-inspired Sire, and the visual novel/webcomic morphE. She draws in an anime-esque art style, with frequent use of garish, bright colors. Her stories tend to be focused on horror and comedy, sometimes becoming a jarring mesh of the two. She lives with a fiancee and a parrotlet, and enjoys G Ming horror tabletop games.

She can be found primarily on SmackJeeves, deviantART, and tumblr.


This troper features examples of:

  • Art Evolution/Webcomics: After six years, one would really hope.

  • Lying Creator: Does not like spoilers, or revealing any upcoming story information outside of comic.

  • Villain Protagonist: Evil Plan is about a mad scientist making his way through the world of villainy, and the protagonist(s) of Sire is (are) descended from Edward Hyde.

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