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Hi. I'm Eric. I'm an author. Bit of fiction, mostly creative nonfiction. I write a lot about Paganism; I was raised Wiccan, which is still pretty unusual.

My first book is now available! It's called THE LIVES OF THE APOSTATES. You can go read the cover text if you want, but it's about a Pagan college student confronting Christian privilege and his own hang-ups regarding love, roommates, and his life as a Wiccan. It's a story about sweater profs and suit preachers, closed doors and broken windows, martyrs and apostates. One character drives a hearse. Buy the ebook.


I write a monthly column for The Wild Hunt, a Pagan news site, and I'm a contributing editor at Killing The Buddha. I also wrote a column at Patheos and occasionally write about nerdy stuff at Real Pagan Geek over at Pagan Square.

I once played in 10 different roleplaying games at once. (Thankfully only six of them ran every week.) Man, college was a weird time. Currently I play a heavily modified version of Pathfinder, and I'm looking forward to playing some Dark Heresy eventually. I also love Call of Cthulhu.

Monte Cook once called me "that annoying guy who always posts on my message board." It was an incredible honor. (I was being roasted by my college RPG club, and they got Monte to send in a recorded roast.)

I used to play World of Warcraft as, well, Aldheim, a human paladin on the Sisters of Elune server.


I have several internet homes. You can find me on livejournal or Facebook.

...if you want to vandalize my page, put it below this?

A faithful ally, devoted to the cause. -Exelixi


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