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Hello everyone, I'm Alastor Vessalius. It's nice to meet you!

I'm an amateur author whose loved to write from a young age. I started honing my skills in crafting stories when I was twelve with fanfiction, but did not actually write anything original until I was thirteen.

I will admit that I am an avid fan of anime and manga- to the point where all of my original works have anime and manga elements to them. I'm currently writing three original stories and a fanfiction.


Despite my seven years of writing, I am still very inexperienced. You may have spotted a grammar in here somewhere. For that, I must ask your forgiveness since my only talent as of now is my ability to craft storylines and think up characters. World building and grammar are still skills that I am still working towards.

With all of that aside, it's been fun introducing myself to you. I wish you a good day/evening, but please don't be afraid to drop me a message. I'm a relatively friendly person and would love to discuss fantasy writing with anyone and everyone!

-Alastor Vessalius


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