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A friend introduced me to this site; I have it all but permanently saved on Firefox with a never ending number of tabs. At this rate I shall never close the browser.

Call me Laire. I'm a college student. I'm California born-and-raised, and find Hollywood History, it's own portrayal of California included, incredibly amusing. This username goes with me to quite a few websites, including DeviantArt and As the links may indicate, I enjoy writing, drawing/painting, and photography.


I am, simply put, a huge JRR Tolkien nerd. If I am editing a trope, it is most likely to include a Tolkien reference. I also like to clean up pages here and there, mostly putting things in alphabetical order, correcting grammar errors, and other little things like that. But, speaking again about my geekiness, the username is Quenya. 'Ainu' is the singular form of the Ainur, the equivalent of angels/spirits/demi-Gods of Middle-earth, and Laire is the actual Quenya equivalent of my RL name (none of this "automatic language translator" stuff). Also, Aragorn is my favorite character- I want to hug whoever came up with The Aragorn trope.

Considering how many websites I go around in the spare time I have when I'm not doing another hobby, my participation on the forum boards will likely be sporadic. You can certainly find me and contact me rather easily, however, if you so desire. Cheers!



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