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Well, nice to meet you all I guess. I'm Ahatake Kurosaki, just known as Aha. I enjoy this site, and I try to help when I can.

These tropes best describe me:

Abusive Parents: More like Abusive Grandmother. Though my sister got the worst of it.

Adorkable: To some, though YMMV.

All Germans Are Nazis: Inverted. Part German, not a Nazi.

All Men Are Perverts: And how.

Always Someone Better: While I can draw O.K., Zanpakuto-Leader from Deviant ART, and my friend Logan are greater than me by far.

Ambiguous Gender: Subverted. With the use of pics from both genders, it would seem this would be my intention, but people who know me know I am male. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy playing up the feminine role for the oblivious.

As Longas It Sounds Foreign: Some of my translations of words into foreign languages are probably cases of this.

Arson Murderand Jaywalking: As soon as I remember what the hell goes on this one.

Attractive Bent-Gender: While not in real life (obviously), the pictures I choose as profile pictures are either really adorable or extremely attractive.

Berserk Button: Messing with my character articles, messing with pictures on my character articles, deleting a character article of mine are all pretty decent ways to set me off. And that's just wikia related.

Bi the Way: Any problems, I can carve them right into your tombstone for you.

Book Dumb: Subverted. When I apply myself, I'm not actually bad in any subject unless it uses math too much. See Everybody Hates Mathematics below.

Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Is a victim of conversations like these.

Brown Eyes: I don't think I match the personality to go with them however, but they are a magnificent brown.

Can't Catch Up: To Zanpakuto-Leader from Deviant ART.

Catch-Phrase: "Oh for the love of Ra...", "Ra Dammit!", "TREASON!" and, used less often, "Fire, get the goat!"

Cannot Spit It Out: Had a case of this early on in the 2011 school year. She moved away, and I still hadn't said anything.

Combat Pragmatist: In an actual fight, I am not above using "jackassed" methods to get a victory.

Covert Pervert: Subverted. I have, more than once, quoted Jiraiya in stating that I am not a pervert, I am a "MEGA PERVERT! >:D"

Deadpan Snarker: Surprisingly so. Gets more apparent when I am tired.

Did Not Do the Bloody Research: I tend to put "bloody" before alot of things in a sentence.

Disappeared Dad: Being in prison since before I was one seems to count, yes?

Dude Looks Like a Lady: Is not one, but wants one.

"El Nino Is Spanishfor The Nino: Occasionally.

El Spanish "-o": Again, occasionally, though sometimes when I am just bored as hell.

Everybody Hates Mathematics: And whoever created mathematics.

Forgot About His Powers: In alot of the games I play, this is why I get my ass handed to me, I forgot the moves I can use, especially ones that work best in some situations. Most recent example, in Soul Resurreccion, I keep forgetting everyone's mid-air O attack, unless the character is Ichigo.

Gosh Dang It to Heck!!: "Aw frack..."

Gratuitous Japanese: Refers to self as "Dusk-sama" occasionally. Please not an actual Japanese person would most likely not do this, which was then probably as case of Did Not Do the Research or just me being an idiot.