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Aggron RP move set: Thunder punch, Iron head, Rock polish, and Iron defense

Hm, I can't think of much to say.


  • Created YKTTW for:
    • The Gardener (originally named Plant Tender,but changed the name as per someone else's suggestion)

  • Taken over YKTTW for
    • Only a Lighter (A recreation of an abandoned YKTTW that had an editing problem with the page.)

  • Wrote description for tropes:
    • The Gardener(original description anyways, has had a few small edits from others since launch.)
    • Only a Lighter( An expanded re-write of the original YKTTW it was recreated from.)

  • Pages I am currently watching over:

I'm sure I'll think of something witty and/or funnier than this eventually.


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