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Hydra Dominatus!
1. Discipline leads to Victory
2. It is Victory in War that brings Immortality
3. Immortality is the Gift of Chaos
4. In exchange, Chaos demands Blood
5. Thus, Blood must be ever spilt
6. Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War
7. Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline
8. Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs

Eight Principles of War - Breviary of the Alpha Legion

Welcome in the Hydra's lair. Enjoy your stay and try not to get eaten alive.

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The section for you to vandalize...

...if you dare.

  • Đe s' jarane? Kako preko Drine? -MilosStefanovic
  • I see your Alpharius and raise you Ahzek Ahriman and Araghast. -Morgulion
  • I see you are from the Republika Srpska. How do you pronounce it exactly? "Prska"? Greetings. - Amused Troper Guy
  • Just for curiosity, are you a Serbian Comrade? Whatever the answer is, please write it on my page in the most vandalizing way. (In case it is affirmative, I'm an Italian Comrade.) ~Belfagor
  • Govorite li Bosanac? Ja govorim maleni malo hrvatskog. -Danniiee