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Describe Adam S here.

...OK, this will be difficult.

I am a guy, named Adam (duh) who alternates between various states of hating himself and making fun of himself. (To the amusement of others, it seems.) My writing style is humorous, although it depends mostly upon parentheses (And Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. And pretentious word usage, and Self-Deprecation. Lots of Self-Deprecation.) I tend toward the unstable in personality, and have an odd habit of talking to myself. (The inside of my head is too loud to think in, so I think outside of it, see?) I am a fan of numerous Webcomics, including Order Of The Stick, Ctrl Alt Del, Darths And Droids, and others. I have a few talents, despite vehement statements to the contrary elsewhere on this page. They include intentional Brief Accent Imitation, being something of a Lightning Bruiser (type 2),being a skilled actor... and being really, freakishly thin. (So much so that I've become an Acceptable Target.) This, combined with strong muscles from years of dance training, allows me to be amazingly acrobatic. I have leapt down a flight of stairs with people on them, while wearing snowboots, without even ruffling the hair on anyone's head. Of course, when I do fail, it feels like Epic Fail to me, since I do things like that all the time. And everyone notices. And laughs.


Some tropes that I feel exemplefy me (besides the ones I linked to above):

  • The Chessmaster (If people noticed my attempts to manipulate them all the time, instead of only when I fail, they would not like me at all. And I definitely don't succede often enough to be called a Magnificent Bastard.)
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass and/or Genius Ditz (I have been accused of being on drugs on a bad day, but if I have time to plan and iron out my spasticity, I can be suave, knowledgeable and a Badass. Sometimes.)
  • Le Parkour (I don't have any formal training, but I want to learn, so, so badly. I'm already partway there.)
  • Love Hurts (Rule of Three applies here. I have suffered three uniquely painful experiences with failed relationships, and none of them ever got beyond a first date.) EDIT: Averted. I'm now up to FOUR.
    • Stalker with a Crush (I once did this without realizing I was stalking the girl.)
    • Toy Ship (My first experience with unrequited love, if you could call it that, was at age 7.)
    • Unlucky Childhood Friend (I suffered this again at 18, and it felt even worse.)
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    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold (I was too much of the former to make up for what seems to my ex to be an admirable latter.)
  • Wrestler in All of Us (I took down a jiu jitsu orange belt with 3 years of experience in a practice session. I was a white belt at the time, with exactly three classes of experience. The cool part? He outweighed me, but I took him to the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep.)
  • This Loser Is You (Yes, I am. Depending on who you ask.)


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