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Hello. My name is Adam Malkovich. No, not the one from Metroid. It happens to be my pen name.

How do I describe myself? I firmly believe that Dark Is Not (necessarily) Evil, and in fact we should accept it as who we are. Rather than, you know, a way of life. It's a fact I hope to make clear in the future.

I'm a writer, so you can (hopefully) expect a book or two from me in the future. But I'm a realist. Let's face it, I'm just a barely-known guy who thought it'd be fun to edit some pages from this place... this dank, unforgiving, time-consuming web page from the Internet. Not that it's a bad thing.


Perhaps you already know me? You may know me by my username from Deviantart, Wyvern-1. Or not. I'm not too well know right now.

But enough about me, right? Not really. Apparently, I can describe some tropes here that apply to me, yes? I just need to index it...

Pages Launched:
  • None so far, I'm afraid. Ehh...



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