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This is what he pretends to be.

A college student of Florida, studying the television industry in hopes of landing a dream job SOMEWHERE within. Friends call him Baz, and he tries to act as Jedi as he can.

Partakes in a weekly Star Wars Live-Action Role Play. Involves hitting people with toy lightsabers. Fun times have been had.

And of course, his beard, the most sexiest thing in the world, besides him of course, accompanies him on these deadly journeys.


Code Names

  • Baz
  • Momo
  • Godnote 

Tropes present in my life

  • Sophisticated as Hell: Keep the message honest and the words blunt. Ain't no reason you can't use a good phrase if ya got one.
  • Noble Demon: Prefers this persona.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Did you know Baz is a real name? I made the name after seeing Cloverfield and naming the creature Badass Zilla. or B.A.Z. for short.

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