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Oh hai ! I'm Acuddle, a French Troper.

Who he is
A cuddle painted on by the sub account (because I really liked her in my soundclouding days) !
  • 32 years old
  • Single and lonely
  • IQ tests I pass say I'm more intelligent than 90% of people, but I feel the exact opposite.
  • INFP, by Myers-Briggs classification
  • By The Enneagram, 4w5 on long test but 2w3 sp/sx on instinctual test !
  • Several mental illnesses such as autistic troubles, depression, spasmophilia and possible psychopathy, among others
  • Lurker since at least eleven years
  • Writer of Moe Philosophy (french version here)
  • Ex-music masher (there's also nice playlists and a cool like-list 😀)
  • Avorion Discord (sub-)Admin

Yes, now there's an entire Fetish category, so I could unspoiler it and just say it's spoilers about myself here so it's easier to edit.


Tropes defining him

  • Jerkass:    Reconstructed.   
  • Kindhearted Simpleton: Used to be one as a teen, but grew in intelligence after 17.
  • Kindness Button: Same thing than with the Fetish entry, there's a lot of ways to impress me into adoration and nakamadom~
    • Being nice and good while being manipulative by essence or talent. I really respect people who resist the allure of power to fight the good fight, especially with words and non-violence.
    • Being silly-cute like me 😋.
    • Having compulsion to console/heal people
    • Having a disadvantage/Being a victim or discriminated. Since I cannot stand injustice, I tend to overcompensate a lot. Especially when said person is working hard, or worse, cannot work hard (such as in depression, which I'd have in common).
    • Having (non-cringey) humor, which is a sign of enjoying Substance.
    • Having True Faith. Since true faith is by definition believing the ideal of god, true faith is a subset of Moe faith and therefore a guarantee of trustfulness.
    • Ignoring gender roles or other discriminatory roles to do things, because I believe ideals live in actions.
    • Doing a truely selfless act. Though it's more like a "proselytism button" since I'd really like to give them a Moe Saint Card.
    • Since I'm touch-starved, kissing me, hugging me, any kind of positive physical interaction if I trust them enough and do not fear them.
  • Lawful Evil: The rare rebel law-phobic type: my mental illness pushes me towards Law despite knowing it breeds evil. On the other hand my simulated goodness is not enough to tolerate much chaos,    and is a simulation so I'm neither morally and principally neutral, nor good for that matter.   
  • Loon with a Heart of Gold:    Believed to be one.   
  • Loony Friends Improve Your Personality: I guess I do not make people less nice by being around, so, I guess~
  • Loser Protagonist: My mental illnesses makes me unable to work, at least do full-time work.
    • I Don't Pay You to Think: My depression taking priority over my autism is due to its existential nature. It's because I started thinking of not being exploited that I am both stressed and tired out, and not recruited. Other, non-depressive or latent-depressive autistics are recruited in many IT corporations for their natural ability to code and program... and recklessly exploited as a result and by their own volition. Good thing I'm living in a country where not working is sort of a possibility, unlike many friends in the Discord server I was invited in...
  • Lovable Nerd: Subverted.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: I really really fawn about a lot of girls. My pseudonym is not Acuddle for nothing ! ^_^
  • Loving a Shadow: A flaw I had until 22, until someone made me realize it.    Will it ever go away ?   
  • Made of Iron: Counter-enforced. Supposed to be one, but autism gave me hypersensibility and the lack of love made me frailer so I'm somehow average or even less resilient than average.
  • Mascot: The eponymous "cuddle" smiley. It began like a "closed-eyes smile" half-profile smiley, then a lateral double-smiley with an empty smiley as the nose.
  • Male Gaze: A little embarrassed of it, since I also instinctly avoid eye contact, so it's useless to tell me My Eyes Are Up Here, though I also like smiles, noses and hair, so the gaze sometimes longs there.
  • Many Spirits Inside of One: Thought he was one when he was a child.
  • Mental Handicap, Moral Deficiency: Inverted to hell and back. I am really angered against this trope as I literally got a seminar running on it, with a psychiatrist telling everyone in the room that mentally disabled people, especially forced solipsists like autists like me, cannot build themselves a morality since they are not thinking in the same terms as the rest of society. "Cannot build a morality" ? So what are my Good Angel, Bad Angel moments of life sparkled by the DungeonKeeper/Fairy conflict ? And my internal war between strict and moderate discipline ? And my learning of the Elsateian Respect ? And my Moe Philosophy and thoughts on the Politics of the Unconcerned and the System ? And simply my existence as a thinking being ? Are all those things I lived through, who shaped my very behaviors and beliefs to the core, meaningless ?
  • Messy Hair
  • Mr. Imagination: I had a huge MMORPG-like imaginary world where ideas fought. That trope list would be twice as big if it was still running, but I ended it in a "singularity" event, basically saying nothing would ever destroy it.
  • Mohs Scale of Violence Hardness: 1,    for now   .
  • Motivational Kiss: Since I'm fueled by love.
  • Nervous Wreck
  • New-Age Retro Hippie
  • Note to Self: Loves the idea of them. Doesn't make enough of them.
  • No Listening Skills: In voice chat, I get one word out of three or four, and entire phrases tend to get left ununderstood.
  • No Medication for Me: Deconstructed. As long as I'm functional, I won't medicate myself. As long as I can endure stress to contain panic attacks by myself, I won't gulp that Xanax, because I wish to live by my own willpower. But if it gets to the point I need help from antidepressants, then I'll take them without regret or disdain, as they are theoretically made for my well-being.
  • Oh My Gods!: I usually swear upon Substance, waifus and PSLs, though I sometimes slip back into God.
  • Otaku
  • Paper Tiger: I could be much stronger if I wasn't living alone.
    Tropes defining Moe Philosophy 
  • All Myths Are True
  • Anti-Intellectualism: Moe Philosophy encourages to think more slowly, to take others' potentially slower thoughts into account and avoid blundering into Final Solutions.
  • Black and White Insanity: What the Pure Reason Paradigm brings, False Dichotomies causing intolerance and endless strife, because observer-dependant reality isn't assumed. The book cites Watch_Dogs's premise to illustrate the issue.
  • Complete Immortality: Moe Philosophy believes in Robert Anton Wilson's 8-circuit theory, and that the 4 remaining ones to discover will uncover ways for human consciousness to extend its lifespan to infinity (in order to join Substance later)
  • Constantly Curious: Since knowledge is love, curiosity is the driving force of change. Moe Philosophy cites Hyouka's "grey and pink lives" concept, indirectly then directly. To help grey-living people, the idea of a wheel is included to help them get random subjects of curiosity based on the Wheel of Chaos Magick.
  • Creation Myth: Enforced by the medium. It is difficult to make sense of a time before time, talking about things existing before existence.
  • Discordianism: A variant on it. Eris isn't God/Substance, but is her (benevolent and loving) mother. The meeting between Cosmic Order and Eristic Chaos is what makes the Substance-child special in her ability to Exist. Since she's caring and helpful, sentient beings, as Substance's neurons, can call upon her for help with their pineal glands or analogues.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Moe Philosophy's reason for existing is because I believe Spinoza's Eighth Definition (about God and its perfection, and the schism between God and its Idea) is false, because the positivity and negativity of attributes aren't linked to their existence (enabling the absence of something to be a positive attribute and it's presence as negative), citing the Order/Chaos and Immanence/Transcendance dichotomies as an example.
  • Exceptionally Tolerant: Moe Philosophy advocates tolerance because Moe happens and thrives on it, and the book asks to assume the least of others.
  • Free-Love Future: Discussed. Monoamory is identified as one of the System's main ways of weakning humanity to keep it in control. However completely free love is not exactly the solution.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Jealousy is acknowledged to be the worst flaw in the Universe and profoundly unfair in its very nature (nobody should belong to anybody but him/herself), although, as it's a huge flaw, it could be a moe fetish.
  • H. P. Lovecraft: Cited several times, especially to prove the point that none can grasp the entirety of Substance, though nobody can not see it, so everybody sees it but does not notice all it's presence. Therefore Deus Sive Natura must be Akari Akaza.
  • Higher Understanding Through Drugs: Adheres to Robert Anton Wilson's theory.
  • Humanity Is Insane: Humanity itself is autistic *and believes in the lie that autism causes lack of empathy*, hence the rampant solipsism of the System and it's deification of Money, which is its autistic object. Also, Sanity itself is relative so Insanity is ubiquitous.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss: Zig-zagged. It is awesome to know more things and learn things, but too much Type-2 Knowledge (scientific knowledge, opposed to unverified knowledge and intuitive knowledge) causes insanity born of worry. Everything is Not Meant to be Known if it cannot be understood by both mind and heart.
  • Is Nothing Sacred?: Moe Philosophy, at moments, rants about everyone needing to define what is sacred to them, so God/Substance/The Sum of All Things wouldn't appear profane (and therefore unmotivating to defend) to them.
  • Iyashikei: The whole point of our existence.
  • Living Is More Than Surviving: Moe Philosophy warns against Zen-like philosophies which try to unmake consciousness: sapient beings should aim to walk to God by themselves, not hitchhike to her, as it's boring and unworthy of the gift of sapience, and Nirvana may prove to be not a good place for a sapient being to stay in forever.
  • Love You and Everybody: Moe Philosophy acknowledges that, since loves' intensities can vary a lot, the difference between "liking" and "loving" should not exist and everyone should just love each other on each other's terms, corresponding to the love they'd need.
  • Moe: The Universe is made of love for qualities but also defects, so it's partly made of Moe. Moe also defines the right to be both defective and perfect at the same time, like a never-ending flame.
    • The book also states that Moe can be found where it isn't at first glance, giving as example a certain rap band whose songs' delivery are particularily violent, but "shouting is a defective way to communicate".
  • Moe Anthropomorphism: Explained, as "all aspects of the Universe can be represented as a harem", citing Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei as an example.
    • Cassandra Truth: Truth is seldom listened to, so she became bitter and resentful. Hence, Meru Otonashi as Truth as Voice Among Others, reflecting humanity's self-inflicted violence.
    • Meet Cute: The Kaga Ai example explains why atoms produce heat when they collide. Because of all of the apologizing !
    "The brownian movement of atoms generates billons of googols of sumimasen as they collide, and from those blunt feelings comes the warmth which is necessary to life."
  • Order Is Not Good: Making a society perfect with Order is acknowledged to turn people into law-abiding, unthinking automatons, making them lose their goodness and ultimately fail to join God by "philosophical coriolis deviation" from the path.
    • Good Cannot Comprehend Evil: So, in the future, Evil would have to be preserved and drip-fed into the population by random administration of insanity, to motivate thought and define good. (Or maybe the Idea of Insanity naps here on Earth for this exact reason.)
  • Polyamory: There is only one person able to "fill" another person's desire for affection (thus maintaining its existence) in the entire universe, so it's valid to say that someone needs more than one significant other in the (infinite) meantime, to preserve itself.
  • Propaganda Piece: Deconstructed. The book's prologue contains a disclaimer explicitly saying it's religious and political, and even potentially harmful to Argéniums.
  • Rule Thirty-Four: Moe Philosophy has a chapter on beauty which begins by a vain warning over this effect and how it can make someone go insane.
  • Save Your Deity: Acknowledges the Money God wanting to immanentize the Eschaton~
  • Setting as a Character: Substance/God/the Universe is one, but the human mind is incapable of understanding all its contents. That in itself may be a clue to who she is.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Acknowledges that consciousness cannot exist without sin, so giving into sin is inevitable and the main problematic behind sin would be when to let oneself be driven by them in order to reduce the damage they do, instead of being constrained to do horrible things. Moe Philosophy uses the orthodox eight sins in its eight-centric chaotic symbolism.
    • Graying Morality: The idea of making peace with sin and stop fearing it reminded me of the world of The Gray Garden, where angels and demons try to cohabit.
  • Shameful Source of Knowledge: The chapter on beauty begins by dividing beauty into spectral and phantasmal (a la Dali), then interior and exterior... then compares it to Homestuck's troll romance positions. Derp -_-. Cue a famous SBAHJ gag from the stairs' perspective.
  • Sheep in Sheep's Clothing: Eris. She just wants to have fun !
  • Signs of the End Times: The fact that objects are starting to feel more important than humans are a sign of physical laws losing hold on them because the Money God is trying to separate Earth and Humanity from Substance.
  • Symbolism: The last chapter shows a lot of symbolistic links, an is a forest of Epileptic Trees in itself !
  • The Four Loves: The three components of love in a Light Web are Philia (in blue), Storge (in green), and Eros (in red). Agape does not need to be drawn by its unconditional nature, however, being able of Agape is one of the requirement for Moe Sainthood.
  • The Golden Rule: Called Elsateian Respect, in honor to the girl who explained it to me. Those who do not respect it and get in position of power are called False Gods.
  • The Power of Love: Acknowledges the ways to Substance, therefore love, to be the only means of permanent power in Substance.
  • The Stars Are Going Out: Inverted. Heat death is impossible as it would mean Substance would doomed to die and destroy itself, something that Substance is especially unable to do by nature.
    "[...] that trust brings a significative possibility that something heartwarming happens. And that is worth any sacrifice of rationality."
  • Women Are Wiser: Played With. Moe Philosophy considers Women will always be better then Men till Men understand that Women are neither inferior, neither superior, neither similar to Men. There is an entire chapter dedicated to the superior patience and endurance of exploited womankind through the ages, and details about how the dice are currently loaded against them.
  • World of Chaos: More or less Universe of Chaos. You imagine something ? It spawned somewhere or existed already in the first place ! And you are linked, so you have a (greater, if at all) chance to encounter them in your immortal adventure.
  • You're Insane!: Insanity is used as a reason to exclude people from the System, while in fact the System defines insanity by thoughts contrary to its logic, henceforth abusing the trope.

Warmth he notices

    Fetishes (Not Safe For Work or kids) 
I love most girls, but it's because I have so much hooks on my heart~.
  • Beautiful Dreamer: Of course, since I'm a Sleepyhead, I try to elicit that reaction by sleeping, but I also like seeing people sleeping peacefully, with no worries in the world.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: I love women reasonably nourished ! Please do not starve and face hunger for the sake of seducing me.
  • Comforting Comforter: The reason why I'm spasmophiliac is because I'm alone, most of the time in bed. So I'd really like a companion there... but then, since being comforted in sleep feels like the best thing, I'd find doing it to someone else adorable !
  • Compelling Voice: I really love people who tend to have a musical fiber in them, like those who unconsciously hum or even sing whatever is their head, they feel "more alive inside". It's probably why I like idols !
  • Cute Monster Girl: I love monster girls for what they represent - an idea of an (usually very tangible) alterity that can be loved. In Anime a monster girl basically means she doesn't have to cater to the social mores about being a proper girl since something will "always be off", so she can be herself and be as nice as she wants without any of it being artificial.
    • Cat Girl: Catgirls have a double additional meaning. Cat girls are the ideal "pet girl", which allow for them to not work like pets, but be as intelligent and caring as a human, making them perfect emotional life auxiliaries who, free of Argénium corruption, can heal her mate's soul.
      • And then there's the catgirl as transgirl meaning... There, the *kittiness* may mean defiance against social norms in a context of identity-building.
    • Cute Alien Girls add an additional level to the Cute Monster Girl fetish/trope. Knowing that most extraterrestrial sentients would have transcended up to the World of Love by the time they can move out into space, aliens will usually bring the World of Love to humans, like some kind of uplifting.
      • Ironically the Green Skinned Space Babe averts the whole uplifting thing since the series they're usually from usually consider the current World of Comfort and its capitalistic System as space-worthy, allowing for spacefaring aliens also in a World of Comfort. The Green Skinned Space Babe trope also adds submission to the mix, which is even more ethically primitive (to the point of seeing (ethically) Insufficiently Advanced Aliens spaceworthy aliens living in a World of Glory).
    • Cute Ghost Girl: It would be just fantastic for people who respect the dead, like me, to be liked by them. Cute Ghost Girls naturally add love to the mix.
      • Fairies may actually be Cute ̶G̶̶h̶̶o̶̶s̶̶t̶ Liminal Mothers.
    • Fantastic Arousal: Cute Monster Girls, of course, often come with additional ways to stimulate them. Of course I'll find them all 😋 !
    • Slime Girl: My touch starvation makes me big on fusional relationships and the idea of... sharing space with a lover that can get everywhere I can be to make both of us happier utterly ravishes me.
  • Cute Witch: Being magical is empowering !
  • Friendly Tickle Torture: Inverted ? I'm really ticklish but it annoys me despite my recent understanding as "tickling as a friendly, sexual thing".
  • Hot Teacher: Since "Knowledge is God's Love", I feel it's kind of weird teachers have to restrain themselves from romancing students, though I understand why.
  • I Didn't Mean to Turn You On: Zigzagged. I really like people that charm me by being nice without be overly seductive... But I like the overly seduction too ! The important thing is to be natural !
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: It excites me when the girl I love does things I don't understand (although too much may turn me off) !
  • Pettanko and Buxom Is Better: I often call those who have them bolsters and cushions, and rationalize "cushions are really comfortable, but you need a bolster to not wake up with an aching back", though nowadays I think much more of their aching backs and offer to be a cushion myself.
    • Giant Woman and Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: For the same reason of "being original", I like abnormally-sized girls. It's one of the rare fetishes first remarked by other people: I made a D&D universe with a "half-fungi" racial template who had an increased size, and I once made a scenario involving rescuing a half-fungi alu-succubus, weirding out my players. I also made stats for bigger or palette-swapped enemies to fight, which included bigger succubi and lillendes.
    Ah, maybe a three-meter girl this beautiful and lustful is unusual ?... Whoops, I guess. Think Nothing of It !
  • "Silly Me" Gesture: One of my many hug-triggers, with head-poke optional. I call that a "pouich", which is an onomatopoeia for the gesture. Rationale: a girl being playful to me is a girl making my life funnier, so I should make her life funnier too.
  • Weakness Turns Her On and Aggressive Submissive: I'm kind of a feminist and sometimes even misandrist, so I love being dominated by women. (However, I don't like abuse)
  • When She Smiles: Since I want to stop looking at women's breasts as I naturally loathe eye contact because of my autism, I decided I would look at their mouths instead, so I'd know if they're happy or not so I'd try to make them happy and be sensitive to their happiness to train/learn/improve my empathy so one day I'd think about them when they aren't there (   which is a big issue of mine unlike many autistics   ).
    Mai waifus~ 
  • 2009: Kiri Komori
    • I really like her because she was pretty much like me on the "shut-in" departement, but her physique was the opposite of mine.
  • 2009-2011: Kafura Fuura
    • I immediately changed waifus after her because she was really mysterious. Also, she's so assertive, energetic and optimistic that she defied death itself for love.
    • Optimism and perserverance are two of the my most basic qualities, so I kinda idolized her.
  • 2011: Urabe Mikoto
    • I really loved her because of her mysterious ways of thinking and doing things. She was trying to reinvent love and that antisystemic desire was delicious. I love rebels !
    • The saliva exchange reminded me of the nature of how Substance links people together and was a really strange way of pointing this out.
    • I found her method of defense pretty excessive until I figured out she was hypersensitive: for her, getting caressed would make her helpless so it felt normal that she'd Panty Scissors Attack at the slightest provocation, while Tsubaki was pretty much like me, hungry for hugs.
    • Other thing that interested me: the fact that she dressed more or less like a Rummage Sale Reject, but of course, it was part being herself (with the stickers and customization) and partly to repel boys from her incredible figure.
  • 2012-2015: Chitose Ikeda
    • The focus of my love was of course her incredible gift for Shipping and godly visions, that she used to selflessly wish Kyoko and Ayano wonderfully happy days, at the expense of herself and her own life force. Such selflessness appealed to me like a moth to a flame.
    • She's the example of an Moe Saint, acting as a true priestess of Substance.
  • 2015: Haruka Takayama
    • Between having (less selfless) cuddly fantasies like Chitose and being older and bustier, adorable Haruka was a serious contender to succeed to Chitose. Too bad that five minutes later a smarter, nicer, cuddlier and even more beautiful girl from the same throne took the waifu throne.
  • 2015-2018: Kotone Noda
    • Kotone just overloaded me with happiness, as she is the very ideal of a moe (as in, endearingly perfect) Mary Sue. She's perfect in most areas, extremely smart and fantastically beautiful, but also wonderfully playful and very nice and gentle, especially towards the brooding Shizuku.
    • She's part of the elite, but she fully deserves it and does not abuse it. Even her hair screams elite: beige being a sophisticated color. But the bitchiest things she pulls are pranks going bad (such as the council situation). Also, her casual approach to yuri is so refreshing: loving a girl feels natural to her, so she just does that.
    • Her introduction is fantastically adorable, with her wink and tongue pose that entirely captivated my lust in the fraction of a second.
    • Her backstory is also great, as she is a would-be victim of Arranged Marriage but refuses to not be free of choosing her love, so she slipped away from her parents' house to go to Shizukus', making Kotone a wonderful feministic icon of empowerment and independence.
    • Befitting her wonderful advantages and quirks, she also has a really sensual appeal and personality which rounds her perfection.
  • 2019: Mitsune Konno is absolutely marvelous. She's sweet, cute, sexy, cuddly and calm, and she's an Agapè matchmaker like Chitose and a sisterly trickstress like Kotone !
    • She wastes her potential with Keitaro and risks her friendship with Naru to match the two of 'em together. Pure and holy selfnessless worthy of a Moe Saint !
    • And she also thrives in giving the lesson of being honest about one's romantic feelings, which also is one of the bases for love in Moe Philosophy. She thinks like me !
    • And she likes to tickle ! So playful !

Other notable Perverse Sexual Lusts

  • Chikage, especially for engineering "The Naked Murder in the Hot Spring Mist "
    "I think she was the perfect victim during that Tsukimitei event. ♡ The same could be said for Ikuto-san and his nosebleed..."
  • Kanna Aoyagi ! I absolutely love her big smile, and that imagination of hers is just fantastic !
  • Rin Tezuka. A lot of Katawa Shoujo's girls are really delicious, but Rin's Cloudcuckoolander antics are just too precious. I'd like her to color the world !
    • Lilly gives also strong waifu vibes, because despite her politeness, she's honest about her "healthy sexual drive", a rare thing in manga/anime !
    • Hanako is so adorable in bed. And she's a Shipper on Deck in the Lilly route too, what a nice girl !
  • Saya can corrupt the world any time~ ! Too bad it's an utsuge... I'm sure that with more honesty, Fuminori could have made her spare Yoh.
  • Tsubomi-chan's little-sisterly act is so cute. Also, that scene when Ryo says
    Tsubomi-chan. You're not one of the beatable characters in this game because you're concerned with such small things.
  • Himeko Katagiri is so relaxing. Maho~ ♥
    • Rei Tachibana is also delicious !
    • I really like Becky being realistically bratty in the episodes as it turns me off... but she's insanely sexualized in the OPs. It's confusing.
  • Miku Hatsune's "Happy Fruit" clip made me blush !
  • Eucliwood Hellscythe is so nice ! And she made me dumbly smile in the twelfth episode, with her reaction to the bikini.
    • I also like Ariel/Dai-Sensei a lot. She's so airheaded !
  • Kana is the girl that made me like and search ecchi manga ! Most adorable Cute Ghost Girl ever ! The way she just rationalized "Hey, I want this boy to be alive, so I'll encourage him by loving him" is so wonderful (especially nowadays where respect for the dead gets really tenuous at best), and she's also drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Mio Naganohara has an addictive name, and a healthy taste for men's bodies that can only mean she's really good in bed. And she has a wonderful raspy voice, and sky-colored hair meaning you'd have your own little piece of good weather. And she also needs a boyfriend to vent stress.
  • Hitagi Senjougahara is not my type, but she's fascinating and I'd follow her like Araragi if a similar adventure happened.
  • I always hated Sanae Nagatsuki for her lack of restraint towards Ika... until that chapter where she plays bodyguard to Ika, lays traps near her bed then comes back to trigger them, defenestrating herself... The morning after she's still on the floor, bound, happily exclamating "I got the bad guy !". Too bad Status Quo was God and Sanae kept being remorseless about harassing Ika-chan.
  • Agiri Goshiki has nothing on most of the Senran Kagura cast, because more than being beautiful, she is relaxing to be with, and an ideally caring housewife who is also very delicate and sensual (to the point people feel she may be a perpetual stoner), and has a straight-up Compelling Voice too !
  • Otohime Ryugu is incredibly delicious, as she litterally plays succubus to his Tarou.
  • I wonder whom I like the most from Inu × Boku SS: the pants-wettingly adorable Ririchiyo Shirakiin, or the wonderfully gentle-to-a-fault Karuta Roromiya ? The whole manga/anime is filled with positive Character Development, defrosting Ririchiyo from a spoiled Ojou to a Nice Girl with a heart of gold and a loving wife to Soushi, while Karuta shows she may be a terrifying gashadokuro, but she decided to stay pacifist, even while being exploited by Kagerou. In fact, my preferred scene was Karuta's confession after Ririchiyo gave her one of her steaks.
  • Sanka Rea is the nicest zombie ever ! Feeling her days are numbered, she gives her all to be a wonderful girlfriend to Chihiro. Of course I didn't see the downer ending. But she even thanks Chihiro for the meal ! Her characteristic triangular smile also captivated me.
  • Himeko Inaba is lovely, especially when she confesses having masturbated in Taichi's body. Girls venting sexual tension are exciting !
  • Yuu Sonoda also excited me when she tried to copy Haruka's notebook, only to fail...
    "Ha~ruka ! Give me your notebook !"
    "Of course !" "... No !"
    "Oops, I almost got her."
    "It's unfair how you continue to deceive me with your charm. Do you take that much pleasure to play with my heart ?"
    [Aside, with a take on her innocent smile] "I bet Shizuku-chan or Kotone-chan would lend me theirs if I asked them."
  • Nanashi's incredible cuteness made him the first male character I PSL'd upon. Incredibly considerate, and his clothes are usually shaped like a chimney, like someone who wants to preserve the warmth of others. He's also funny and smart.
    • Shitara also completely captivated me. A wonderful obaa-san-like character, and a matchmaker, and a really mature one and a tease at that. A wonderfully nice and motherly housewife ! It surprised me when I discovered ey's a transsexual and still a man, explaining eir flat chest.
    • Also, almost all the female characters in 1BitHeart are absolute cuties too.
  • Duna Haizen felt like an averagely nice cutie until I did an image search of her. Whoa, she's curvy, and her skirt is shorter than excepted. And all the electricity she produces comes from her excitation ? Hot damn !!!
  • Shiki Aizawa is my preferred Aizawa: honesty, maturity, and a wonderful mix of "perversion" and innocence showing that both aren't incompatible opposites. And she wants Souta to go out with all the Aizawas, so Souta would love the whole and true Aizawa and make all of her happy (in all ways). Such an exemplary waifu contender !
  • I just adore Tsugumi Seishirou's internal dichotomy between her cold and mean exterior and her warm and kind interior ! And Chitoge's also of the same opinion despite being a Tsundere herself, with how she dresses her up !
  • Kizuna Ai is a fascinating waifu contender. On one hand, she may be a Super A.I. feigning being dumb and is balls-to-the-wall cute, knows how to be cute and shamelessly lampshades it all the time ! Singularity has never been this cute and she may definitely trump Kotone out of the waifu throne ! But...
    • ...on the other hand, she is a Complete Monster for wasting the money people donate to her on gachapon "summonings". As a jobless bloke who economizes euro after euro to get the most happiness of the least amount of cash, that behavior totally turns me off. Kizuna Ai has found one of my few Berserk Buttons and plays Cookie Clicker with it.
    • Good thing she's finding it less and less amusing, however.
      "Not more gacha!" - one of her commercial video descriptions

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Troper Wall

Troper WAAAGH! Yup, troper pages are unvandalizable because some people were too fed up of hostile vandalizing that now, there are vandalizing pages now.

Example of: