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I am a terrible person and I write terrible things. I also play video games and browse the Internet aimlessly.

oh god how do I wiki markup, this does not look like other troper pages. I ruined all the things. (This line will probably be gone when I figure out what I did wrong.

The grand list of other things A-chana cannot do:

On a more serious note, I'm going to become a college freshman soon, and hopefully work my way into the video game industry for art and 3D related subjects. (Spoilers: I'll fail miserably.)

I have a lot of accounts in tons of places for various things, but I'm bad at maintaining more than a few of them at once. Here, have another list:

The first three are kind of dead, but occasionally I'll add something to the fandom ones.

As for TV Tropes itself, I don't usually make major additions. I'm happy enough with just putting in examples to existing pages.


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