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A card with a large black spade-like mark in the center, and an "A" in opposite corners. Probably the most famous playing card short of the Joker.


Okey doke. Just a fairly quiet girl that likes to browse through Tvtropes, occasionally adding examples to various tropes she sees. Is Star Trek (I love Voyager!) and anime fan. Also manga, because it's cheaper than buying DVDs of anime, actually. On the lookout for good webcomics to read, and I hope to publish a comic in some form someday.


HEY! Turns out the browser I was using was the issue. Now I'm good to go when logging onto the forums. Yay!

I did set up the original article for Van Von Hunter. Check it out, it's a fun little comic with delightfully goofy characters.

Favorite shows:

Star Trek: Voyager Animaniacs Justice League Various true crime shows. (I am hopelessly addicted...)

Vandalism time!

  • What is up sistah? -Ninety

  • YAY VANDALISM. Hi Ace! :3 ~Bunnie

  • Did somebody order vandalism~? (We should talk about Voyager sometime.) Dopants

  • I'm watching you. - Victin