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A Black Raptor is one of the many names used by one internet guy. Others include Capt Liam X, Liam.9000, Liam X, Captain Liam, The Captain, and also L-Dog.Z. A Black Raptor is just his TV Tropes Name and the name of his Deviant Art account.

He's a fanfiction writer, known for writing comedy (Mostly slapstick and occasional randomness) and action, with occasional parody and lately very dark chapters. Known formerly as the Writer of 'Crash Bandicoot: the Series', a seasonal story modelled after a 30 minute cartoon, based on the aforementioned Bandicoot. Since its end (Actually just before it ended) he's been writing a story with a similar formula based on X Men Evolution, which acts as a continuation of the series. While earlier chapters are a little bizarre and in his own opinion suck, later chapters have shaped up to be quite entertaining, having finally found his voice. However, to compensate, he had a story wise rewrite, removing sillier chapters and fixing his older work. The story, as well as continuing from Evolution's end, expands from the series, including many more mutants, leading to Loads and Loads of Characters which most of don't get featured much and by now some have been written out, and guest stars from Spider Man, Iron Man and the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and others, as well as adapting Days Of Future Past as a 20 Minutes into the Future story arc which involves Cyclops leading the X-Men against Bastion, who had taken over and replaced Iron Man after he accidentally created it following the death of Nick Fury and the President, while raising his two children, who later go back in time to stop the horrible future from happening.


He then started a third story, despite planning to keep writing the X-Men story, called 'Spider Man Evolution', which like the name suggests, is Spider-Man, being retold (Ala Ultimate) from the Evolution universe and serves as a spin-off to his Evolution one. Following this, he’s now started ‘Avengers: Evolution’, again as the Avengers as they appeared in his story.

He's also made designs for various characters in the Evolution style on his Deviant Art Account, and is planning to make more soon. And, he's also a Troper, and tends to reference tropes, usually by name, in his stories, to the point one reader noticed it and asked if he was a troper. He even wrote his own trope page (This one in case you didn't know), as he wanted to piece apart his stories into tropes.

His stories and art include examples of:


  • Aborted Arc: Originally, he planned the Necromancer arc in his Crash Bandicoot story to be twice as long, and later be followed up by a Machines arc.
    • Occasionally, he'll plan something, hint it, and change his mind later, resulting in Claremont-like unanswered plot threads.
  • Accidental Innuendo: In one of the chapters in his X-Men story, he makes fun of Avalanche's tendency to do this. Avalanche is annoyed when people mistake his harmless threats of violence for sexual connotations.
  • Adaptational Badass: While Kitty was fairly Bad Ass in the comics, Evolution Kitty was mostly The Chick. While she still acts like a Chick, she's able to beat William Stryker when he's using powered armour that makes him immune to her powers and later threatens to bitch slap Emma Frost's organs when she starts to bully her.
    • Also Nightcrawler, who again, while badass in the comics, didn't do much in Evolution that was insanely badass. In one issue, he takes on ALL the Acolytes and Brotherhood, beats them all, and then kidnaps Magneto and takes him to some place where his powers are useless.
    • The Brotherhood all took a level in badass here as well. Lance is able to focus his powers onto objects as well, including people, in order to induce vomiting or detonate explosives, Blob is able to render himself as light as a feather or increase his weight, nearly crushing Iron Man to death. Pietro learns how to run at someone so fast the EXLODE, and Toad, well, he gets an entire chapter to himself where he kicks EVERYONE's ass, and only lost when Matt Murddock hits him from behind after getting sick of him.
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  • Adaptation Distillation: He outright asks the readers if his version of Azazel is good, as it means he did this (According to the review, it was). He tries to do this with other things as well, YMMV if it does or not.
  • Anti-Villain: Scorpion didn't want to do the things that ruined his life, Norman made him, but when he saw that Spider-Man was earning fame from the accident after working out who he was, that's when he snaps.
    • Avalanche is an Even Evil Has Standards type. Sure, he uses his more violent personality as the writer didn't like the Romantic plot with him and Kitty in the series due to his disdain for romance, but he's also protective of his teammates. In the latest chapter, he even saves his new home when the new members he was supposed to train end up in a prank war with Xavier's students, resulting in massive amounts of property damage, causing them to let Boom-Boom get involved.
    • Daken is one in this version, with a more sympathetic take on him.
  • Axe-Crazy: A couple, most notably Scorpion in Spider Man Evolution, who kills cops when they're in his way, and threatens Mary Jane, and even tries to kill her, when she tries to protect Peter.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Logan and Daken in one chapter to fight off Sapien, the water manipulating fish dude and some Weapon X Mooks.
    • Done frequently with Spider-Man. As Spidey makes allies with Daredevil, Moon Knight, and Black Cat, he’s regularly forced to fight back to back.
  • Bad Ass: Everyone in his opinion. He describes himself as having a Michael Bay mentality, that everything must be awesome. Cyclops and Logan especially, to the point that he was worried that he may look like he was gushing over Cyclops.
  • Bad Ass Abnormal: Nick Fury. Despite being human, he's now immortal and the fanfiction plays up his 'Agent of SHIELD' status while the show mostly had him as just a tough Colonel who doesn't actually do anything himself. He uses Bullets that EXPLODE with enough heat to MELT ADMANTIUM.
    • Also Deadpool, who was human with cancer and a dormant X-Gene, who like the comics recieves Wolverine's (And Sabretooth's) Healing factor(s). Now he feels no pain, heals at the combined rate of both of them, and stores Vibranium plates inside his chest, and hijacks too nukes to scare away the Thunderbolts, showcasing how he could survive being a Ground zero so long as he keeps his organs intact.
    • Spider Man creates an explosion in order to beat Scorpion by throwing a car back at him, throws a fuel can onto it, and ignites it by sticking his feet to the floor and pulling, causing a spark to set it on fire.
  • Badass Normal: Mary Jane Watson. No super powers whatsoever, but after finding out Peter's secret and seeing Scorpion beating him half to death, she takes a Police Officers gun and starts shooting at him. She misses most of the time due to never firing a gun before, but is able to save him.
    • In a later chapter, she arguably saves the day by knocking out most of Chameleon’s henchmen before taking him out using only a frying pan. Though, as Spidey pointed out, he already had it covered. In the same chapter, George Stacy also takes down a couple of armed mooks (he did warn them) with his bare hands.
    • Similarly, Moon Knight and Daredevil are both mostly human. They have talents that border on Charles Atlas Superpower levels, but other than Daredevil being trained to use his sense of sound as a sonar and Moon Knight being a highly trained Navy SEAL and a complete psychopath, they’re both human.
    • Also, most of SHIELD are normal humans, and while a Red Shirt Army, they’re at least somewhat competent.
  • Blood Knight: Daken is certainly one, due to being a self admitted Sociopath. As an indication, he’s constantly smirking when fighting and is always full of himself when doing so. He’s recruited for X-Force specifically because he’s both incredibly skilled, and because it would provide a use for his bloodlust that doesn’t involve civilian casualties.
  • British Accents: Describes both Captain Britain and Psylocke as having Essex Accents, as that's where they're from. The Writer himself has a Yorkshire accent.
  • Butt-Monkey: Roberto. At least at first, now he's being written as badass to go with his new writing philosophy "Punish he characters you like, reward those you don't".
    • Crunch is a straighter example, as he is often humiliated and berated at times.
    • Duncan Mathews was one before the rewrite, but afterwards only has a few jokes at his expense while mostly being just a massive jerk.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Mary Jane Watson. Makes strange observations, pulls practical jokes on bullies, and will hide inside lockers for a long amount of time for whatever reason. The Author has stated that this was specifically modelled after her earlier appearances, where she was a little CCL-ish.
  • Colonel Bad Ass: Nick Fury.
  • Complete Monster: As usual, Norman Osborn doesn't disappoint. In this version, he purposely designed spiders that grant super human powers through bites with a retrovirus, as well as another group that kills those they bite. he then, since he couldn't get a grant to get human testers and would be unable to market them without it, he has Mac Gargan release them all, both poison spiders, super spiders, and regular spider, onto a field trip to bite the children to show it works, and makes it look like Mac did it all himself, ruining his life which is what causes him to become the Scorpion.
    • Though subverted as he later shows signs that he cares more for Harry than he lets on (even admitting that he loves his son when alone) and is rueful of the fact he has to work so much.
  • Crazy Awesome: Deadpool. He wouldn't be Deadpool if he wasn't written as such.
    • Crazy Awesome is the writer's favourite personality type, and as such he enjoys writing these.
    • Crash Bandicoot himself.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Daken. Lets see, his mother was killed in front of him when he was less than five years old. Both him and his father were kidnapped and separated. His memories were tampered with to make him think Logan had killed his mother and left him in the prison to rot. His powers emerged when three other prisoners were beating him up, and one attempted Prison Rape, he then killed all three of them. He grew up hating everything, and planned revenge against his father. He was turned into Weapon XI (11) and was given pheromone control as well as the ability to coat his skeleton in Admantium whenever he wants and his wrist claw in Carbonadium, before he escaped. He was found by X-23 and Gambit, who he helped against his captors so he could get close to the X-Men and kill his father using a fake name and lying about the full extent of his powers. When Logan returned after helping Optimus Prime fight off a Phalanx hunter, he attacked and beat him, as well as later turning on him during their temporary team up, before attacking the mansion to kill him. After everyone had their turn fighting him, Logan overpowered him so that Deadpool, who had been hired to help, could shoot him from far away. They were forced to Mind Rape him to discover why he was doing all this, and caused him to break down when he found out the truth.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Daken may be a Sociopath, but he's not evil, just misguided and manipulated.
  • Deadpan Snarker: While Rogue does this less, other characters pick up the habit. Spider-Man [purposely chooses to become this so people won't be mistake his intent when he fights crime. Cyclops as well occasionally does this.
    • In his Crash story, Axe, whose a parody of Antiheroes, is also a bit of a Deadpan Snarker.
  • Designated Hero: In the Crash series Season 2, the heroes sometimes cross the line, played for laughs though.
  • Deus ex Machina: Self admitted that he may have done this. In the Crash series, its played for laughs, with the narrator deciding that 'the plots getting boring, lets just end it' followed by some random event that fixes everything. In his X-Men story, Colossus' appearances originally were slight DEM, but weren't intended as such, they were meant to be forshadowing to his joining of the team. After the rewrite, these were changed to make them less like they came out of nowhere.
  • End of the World as We Know It: Days of Future Past becomes this. The world is ravaged by war, either work for a Psychopathic Machine/Human Hybrid, Megalomaniacal mutants, go into hiding, or hide with the X-Men. Manhattan becomes overridden by symbiotes to guard concentration camps, before being nuked when its overtaken. And the only escape from it is time travel.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As described, Lance is unwilling to let friends fight alone and does have his limits. This is actually how he views the character in the show.
    • Also, Meta example, and more of Even Critics Have Standards. While A Black Raptor disliked Lancitty, and proffers to read Lance as a villain, he draws the line at making him a Complete Monster or Rapist. When another Troper accused him of being this kind of Anti-Lancitty fan, that's when he started to change his view on Lance to avoid people accusing him of such.
      • Also, while he, like everyone, has characters he likes and dislikes, he tries to write them fairly, and hates it when writers bash those they dislike.
  • Fix Fic: Has shades of this at times.
  • Good Is Dumb: With the New Recruits that is, anyway. Usually averted by everyone else, considering that the leaders and 'main' good guys are borderline, and even above that, geniuses in their respective fields.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Referenced in a couple of jokes, thought the chapters they're from he'd rather forget, before being mostly removed completely.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Sticking to walls is Spidey's least combat-effective power-unless he's using it to ignite an explosion to take out Scorpion.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Repeatedly someone has done this to fight Bastion, both in the future and in the present: Future!Wolverine did it to buy the X-Men some time to escape. Then Fever Pitch/Nemesis/Holocaust sacrificed himself to revive/rebuild Nathan/Cable. Then Bishop did it to destroy him and his base.
  • I Got Better: Following Mystique's power up in the series, her shape shifting was causing her to fall apart and slowly die. Then Mister Sinister offered to fix it for her and return her to how she was beforehand. She uses her revival to unite Logan’s former enemies, so they could get vengeance on him.
  • Jerkass: Pietro crossed the line past that, but other characters fill the role.
  • Jerk Jock: A couple featured due to Duncan leaving school and no longer being a jock, but Flash Thompson is the most notable. He even assigned each week day to perform different acts of torture onto nerds and outcasts.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Lance. Santo of the New X-Men group as well is an extremely sarcastic and dark spirited one, but is also a very friendly guy once you get to know him, and even acted as a wall of cover for X-23.
    • As noted by a reviewer, Flash has shades of this. While he has no problem insulting people he doesn’t like, shoving them into lockers and trashcans, or giving them wedgies, he states he only sees it as a joke. When Sally Avril tries to beat MJ up because she made a snappy comeback, Flash calls her out on it for being ‘a real bitch’ about it.
  • Kick the Dog: Surely Norman, there must have been an alternate way to test the spiders.
    • And was there any need at all for Bastion to break Future!Spidey's leg or try to kill a small child just to piss off his father? Or De-powering Storm? Or unleash the Juggernaut on Kitty and Kid!Cable? This actually bites him back because when in doing all this, he alerted Cyclops to his location who then tore him apart with an incredibly powerful blast.


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