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Hello people. aparently this is were I tell people about myself. So I have just one question first.    WHAT KIND OF STALKER ARE YOU, TRYING TO FIND OUT ABOUT ME!!!    joking, joking...


Year ten, really into books and videogames. I like my science, prefer IT and do allright in Maths (2 of dem!).

My favorite authors would be... lets see... Terry pratchet, Mathew Riley Christifer Paolini, Markus Heitz and David Eddings. My favorite books would have to be 'The Hobbit' (Its the only one of J.R.R.Tolkeins I like, go figure) The entire discworld series, All of Mathew Riley's books, Eragon, Eldest and Brisngr, all of David Eddings books, and the "Dwarves" series.


My favourite video games are; Dwarf Fortress,Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, Mass Effect 2, Magicka and Dungeon Keeper.

My favourite anime/manga's are: One Piece, Fairy Tail, Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, D gray Man, Attack on Titan and Hunter X Hunter.

subjects; Studying Information Technology at the University of Queensland.

RP'S; (current, unless I forget to change this, which I will) None, cause I've been doing other stuff lately.

Tropes asociated with me; In progress.

Vandal area;

Vandals will be prosecuted

It's your Troper page, Abi! You tell people about yourself, and other Tropers leave random messages there. ~ Kiri Ame (Ohh.... cool :)- Abi)

  • RANDOM MESSAGE! Feel free to drop by, Abi. -desdendelle (Only if you put in a trampoline - Abi)
  • -hurls daggers at Abi- Whose the sexy shoeless god of war now? :P - Bamack1
    • -Hurls flaming chainsaw back- Me! :P

Awww, no one wants to vandalise my page :(

  • Vandalism! - Bamack1
    • Yay! Vandalism! Now, read the fine print right below the "Vandalism area" Sign :P -Abi.

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