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A Random Internet Stranger.

Notes to self: (Also, organize by reading reasons, acquisition and progress by next Sunday)

Manga Reading List:

  • Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Literary Reading List:

Fanfic Reading List:

  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. (Chp 31, awaiting update)
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  • Luminosity. (Chp 4, awaiting update)
  • Tiberium Wars (Chp 1, reading)
  • Shinji and Warhammer 40k (Chp 5, reading)
  • My Immortal (Chp 9, on hold)

Webcomic Reading List:

  • Dresden Codak (Awaiting update)
  • Chirault (Page 12_20)
  • The Meek (Awaiting update)
  • Erfworld (Awaiting update)
  • Order of the Stick (Awaiting update)
  • anti-HEROES (Awaiting update)
  • Winters in Lavelle (Awaiting update)
  • Fey Winds (Awaiting update)
  • Misfile (Awaiting update)
  • Errant Story (Awaiting update)
  • Guilded Age (Awaiting update)
  • Sequential Art (Awaiting update)
  • Dominic Deegan (Starting binge)
  • Head Trip (Awaiting update)
  • Servants of the Imperium (Awaiting update)
  • Zap! (Awaiting update)
  • Darths and Droids (Awaiting update)
  • Ever After (Awaiting update)
  • Looking For Group (Awaiting update)

Games to play:

  • Dragon Age: Origins (Mage, Arcane Warrior/Bloodmage/Battlemage, lack GFX card)
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  • Quake 4 (Captain, difficulty spike)
  • Runes of Magic (M/K 16/16, need better GFX card)
  • Ex3 Showdown (Sat/Sun 10-12 PM. Wait for Piches.)
  • La Tale (Mining occassionally)
  • Torchlight (Play Nether Mage/Demonologist/Warlock, download Stone Brother)
  • Mass Effect (Need better GFX card and weapon overheat bugfix)
  • Civilization 4 (Install)

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