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Hi! No, I don't bite... unless you ask for it nicely. ;) I tend to be Communitied Out so I rarely go for super-long profiles.

I didn't create, but do a ton of work on X Japan, as it's the band I follow the most. Same for Loudness, and for some other Visual Kei and Japanese Heavy Metal bands on here. Current project is the page on Tokyo Yankees and then after that the other Extasy Records bands :)

If anyone needs to know, my username is Sarcasm Mode. I've been called a groupie, so I named myself that. ;) That said I'm actually a musician and artist in and of my own right.



  • Samaritan's Purse - The Fundamentalist Christian charity. Known for misdirecting money to evangelical goals, known for occasionally pressuring aid recipients to accept or at least listen to a sermon / accept a Bible before getting aid.
  • Salvation Army - Yes, I know. Perennial American charity. Also an arguably abusive in some points religious group that has been known at points to use aid as a cover for Christian evangelism.
  • Operation SAFE: Operation SAFE seems to be a religious front posing as an art and art therapy charity. Far better charities dealing with the same things are in the above list.
  • The Church of Happyology or any "self-development" seminar or group. These have a very nasty history of recruitment for aid and engaging in outright brainwashing.
  • In general, please take the time to make sure any charity to which you donate will direct the money to actually helping the survivors as opposed to preaching at them (or taking it to spend on preaching to other people) and will not use its aid as a bludgeon to make people join up. Disaster opportunism is sadly a common tactic of those who would wish to force others into their religions, so do be wary if you're not wanting to support said religion or support it in disrespecting the people it claims to want to help....

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