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"My shoe is quacking..."

This troper is a geeky eccentric, cake-eating dragon lord, and Lovecraft protagonist candidate. They like tea time, warm fires, and long walks through the graveyard (preferably at night). This troper has been on here under many names due to circumstances and a memory like a... really bad memory, now hopes to be known here permanently by the name displayed.

When Tv Tropes Isn't Ruining Their Life, they are a published poet and in the process of writing a fantasy novel (which, when published, will have its own page on here), is an amateur but ardent dracologist and dracophile, a voice actor, and flails about a bit on the theatre floorboards.


This troper provides examples of:

The Heretic House

The place A Four Wigged Dragon shares with two others.

Madam High Doctor

The Rev

Honorary Members of the Heretic House:

The Adorable One


The Zombie Queen


Example of: