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I registered for this place on a whim. I don't really like editing here since some tropers take this wiki a little too seriously. But, oh well.

Outside of this site, I'm a cartoonist, fanfic writer, and Lady Gaga fan.

This isn't my only hangout. Why don't you check out some of these?

Quirks of This Troper™:

If you see any of these in an article, it was likely written by me:
  • ^^^^^You just saw the first one. Putting a ™ after "This Troper". Likewise, I do this with other TV Tropes memes like "That Other Wiki" and "<character> is a Time Lord".
  • When I'm writing a page about a work or creator, I never put the tropes in alphabetical order.
  • By default, for work and creator pages, I always say "!!This thing uses the following tropes" before the tropes list. Likewise, for tropes pages, I say "!!Known uses of this trope" before the examples. However, I actually try to have a little bit of fun with my pages and put a little pun that's somehow relevant. For example, in TFF's page, I say "Shout...shout...let it all out. These are the tropes I could do without", as an obvious reference to their song, Shout. My pun for The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive is the most elaborate; the header thingy is a hypnotist telling Trope-Tan to go find every trope the site uses, and involves her responding. On the other extreme, we have Beautiful Agony and Brutal Mario, the only pages I've ever made that use the default message; for the former, this is because the pun I came up with was far too contrived and forced, while I couldn't come up with a pun AT ALL for the latter.
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  • I Entry Pimp The Price Is Right into any tropes that that show MIGHT have an example of. I also try to Entry Pimp my fetishes into Fetish Fuel areas.
  • Sometimes I use Royal "We" to avert Conversation In The Main Page.
  • With the exception of Playing With entries (where doing this is against the rules), I always pothole non-straight plays of a trope when I mention them. Like in the previous list item; I potholed the word "avert" to the "Averted Trope" article! In this vein, I may very well be the only person on the entire website to pothole Exaggerated Trope (rarely; I typically say "X uses this trope Up to Eleven instead), Discussed Trope, Defied Trope, Conversed Trope, Zig-Zagging Trope, Invoked Trope, and Enforced Trope.
  • My female character in Playing With Wiki entries is named Kimiko instead of Alice; the very first few Playing With entries I made were for Asian tropes like Me Love You Long Time and Meganekko. Her full name is Kimiko Mikuru and she's an American of Japanese ancestry.
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  • I always use the folders for tropes pages. If I come across a pre-existing page that doesn't use the folders and I add an example to a pre-existing section, I usually leave the article alone. But if I add a new section (say, a "Web Original" section to a tropes page that previously didn't have one), then I folderize the page.
  • When a work has more than five Crowning Moment examples, I move them to a separate page.
  • I try to avoid potholing to redirects wherever possible. Whereas most tropers on the site just put up a "Crowning Moment Of Awesome" and call it a day, I actually take the time to make it say "Sugar Wiki/Crowning Moment Of Awesome" since, after all, Sugar Wiki is where that page is!
  • Articles about websites always begin with a Describe Topic Here that says "Describe this website here." "this website" always hyperlinks to the home page.
  • I <3 making redirects.

This Troper™'s Troper Works (list currently incomplete):

This Troper™ uses the following tropes in general (those specific to his Troper Works can be found on those pages):

  • Coming soon.