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  • AGAIN I AM BEING THE FIRST ONE! Chortles! - Bacon Zorp
  • You know, Death Note was my first anime. Not quite my favorite anymore, but it's close to my heart nonetheless, and I'll always love me some Ryuk and L. — Tre
  • Well, well, well! A fellow Troper who likes SAO! I thought I might be the onLY one. Maybe we can discuss it sometime, even though I'm still on season 1. -Daft Punch
  • (Imitates Kirby) HIIIIIII! - Revaryk
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  • You poor fool. Code Geass and Death Note are terrible animes. Chargeman Ken! is best anime. - Arcada188
  • I'm getting flashbacks. Anime, man. Anime happens. -Total Weirdo
  • I never got into anime. I did watch Death Note though. -Bacon Zorp
  • I need to watch more anime... - Black Mage Anolis
  • Ellen Van Zylle, Troper, cancels Vandalize: Interrupted by TV Tropes.
  • (dramatic music) I'm here! -DrNoPuma
  • You have unleashed hamminess on my Troper Wall and for that I must thank you! -Seduced By The Light
  • Greetings from Canada. - Tempest Knight
  • Zap. - Enirboreh
    • Thank you for your enlightened and eloquent commentary. I will be certain to take special note of subsections 32 alpha and 457 gamma. Your proposal shines as a light of literary masterpiece in a void of bleak non-creativity. -ZeroL
  • Hello from a place at a time. - Totally Not An Alien
    • A response - a troper
  • I have come to spook! How? I'M GONNA TURN INTO THAT CRAP demon YOU NEVER USE! BWAHAHAHAH! -Revaryk
  • *crashes in through window* -Zanreo
  • ALL HAIL BRITANNIA! -G 2 Battle Convoy
  • AND IIIIIIIIIIIIEEEIIIII WIL-- *cough hack cough* - Enirboreh
  • Maximum spook has occurred. I take my leave. -zbse
  • Muahahahaha! This page has been vandalized, and I have done my daily dirty deed! The owner of this page will rue the day I posted this! I'm so glad it isn't me this is happening to.-ZeroL
    • Hey! Cut that out! You know who you are! Or maybe you don't...-ZeroL
    • Okay, I need to cut it out now. This isn't funny anymore, me!-ZeroL
  • Back in my day, we vandalized other tropers' pages! -Old Man Maxwell
  • I've seriously never vandalised this place? I refuse to believe it. So, this is my second vandalism. I can definitely see the first one up there. You just gotta squint... - TropesForever
  • More vandalism. - The same troper
  • You've been hiddley didley vandalized iddly-Hydraloonie
  • El Loonie Waz Here-Hydraloonie
  • (two plus two plus two plus two plus two plus two plus two minus five) times (two plus two plus two plus two plus two plus two minus five). SOLVE THAT! -Playing_with_boy

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