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Troper Wall / Troper No. 9001

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You're welcome.

  • I wanted to say hello. So... you're a Filipino? It's nice meeting one of you nice guys again. —SymeSynth
  • I love how you cycle between different MLP characters for your av, sig and title. —Smart Girl 333
  • Hello, fellow Inside Out fan! The Ka Blammer
  • Who's next? Pinkie?
    • I'll try for a tandem of Pinkie and Maud next, or I'll just go with Rarity. - Troper No. 9001
  • So you have a wall, now? Interesting, interesting... - TropesForever
  • Hey there! Your pony avatars are so cute! ^_^ - Psychedelicate
    • Thanks! I'm actually a curator of cute things, or should I say, a cuterator? (rimshot) - Troper No. 9001
  • So you like cute things too? Nice! - Berrenta
  • Hey, so you’re into Undertale? I just heard of it! Joker45654
  • WOW, I USE BUTTERT POINT! -Playing_with_boy, the Burger Fool
  • Hey, a Filipino! My grandfather (by marriage) is also Filipino! Also, I want to eek my way into the MLP fandom without going full Brony. Just do some creative stuff, remind people cup- let's move on, and do the thing.-Def Revenge 24601
  • Hey there, my best friend and fellow Southeast Asian! Hope you're having a good day! I owe you a lot, since I wouldn't be a brony without you. Best regards from me, and always have fun! -dave_the_assassin

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